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Case Study: Food

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Imlek, a large dairy business that operates in several countries in the Balkans, has a long company tradition for finding innovative ideas to support their expansion. A modern document management system digitizes the company's entire administration.

With over 80 different dairy products on the market, Imlek is the largest dairy producer in the Balkan region. For over 50 years, the innovative company from Serbia has focused on expert personnel and continuous improvement of production processes. In addition, the company relies on modern technology: the document management platform DocuWare, for example, lets them completely digitize all their administration processes.

In the past, Imlek's individual business processes were mainly based on paper. Many documents, like supplier invoices, contracts and other receipts, were sent back and forth between individual production sites and their headquarters in Belgrade on a weekly basis. This resulted in numerous inconsistencies and delays in approval and payment, especially when processing incoming A/P invoices. In addition, employees at both the head office and at the individual branches complained that it was extremely difficult to trace the documents. Once the documents were sent out, there was no way for colleagues on site to search for individual receipts or information.


DocuWare combines simple processes with extremely high security standards. Today, the only thing our managers have to do to process documents is click a button - DocuWare then takes over the processing workflows, fully automatically.

Nenad Jeremić
HR manager, dairy producer Imlek, Belgrade (Serbia)

4,000 monthly documents, 130 workflows, over 100 users

The decision in favor of their DocuWare DMS changed this situation abruptly. Just a few weeks after implementation, over 100 active users were processing around 4,000 documents per month - purely digitally. The authorized DocuWare partner set up about 130 digital workflows for this purpose. Today, when a new document is stored in the digital archive, the solution automatically recognizes what type of document it is and whether - as in the case of incoming invoices or contracts - further processing steps are required. In the event of a necessary release, the system even defines the individual sign-off stages up to final processing, which has significantly increased the transparency of internal process flows. At the same time, the system ensures that only authorized users can access confidential documents. Contracts and invoices approved or rejected with the help of digital stamps appear in the final step in the administration task lists, where final processing takes place.

Digitization ensures continuous improvement

Thanks to DocuWare, virtually all business processes now run faster and more efficiently. Both administrative staff and department managers save valuable time through digital document access, which can be used profitably from anywhere. The solution also opens up a wide range of transparency and control options, which has significantly improved the company's internal process security. Based on the very positive experience with their system, Imlek would also like to digitize further company processes and keep on continuously improving with the help of the system.

DocuWare runs 24/7 for us. Since we have several production sites, new documents are continuously filed and processed in the system.

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