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Case Study: Facility Management

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The All Service Group for Facility Management invoices around 800 services per month. Thanks to DocuWare, their complex billing process has been completely digitized. Now it’s quick and transparent.

In the past, the invoicing process was weighed down with an enormous amount of paper and administrative work. Every month, the 800 or so work slips for services signed by the customer were collected and sent by the branch offices to the financial accounting department in Bad Homburg – box by box. There, the invoices were then created and printed out in their Sage ERP system. Work certificates were sorted, manually stuffed into envelopes and sent. A lot of time – and many documents – were lost in the mail. It could take up to 30 days before a service was invoiced. At the same time, the flood of paper was immense, with 30 binders filled every month. By introducing a DMS with a central archive, the company wanted to automate work processes in order to handle invoicing more quickly and be able to better understand how their processes flowed. After a presentation by an Authorized DocuWare Partner (ADP), their decision was quickly made. The performance and flexibility of the system and a coherent workflow concept spoke in favor of DocuWare. Plus, excellent communication channels with the ADP and their key contacts ensured a good relationship.

Facility Management

By using our DMS, we were able to transform our paper-intensive (which means labor-intensive) sorting and filing processes. Especially during the Corona virus crisis, the ability for our employees to access DocuWare from their home offices without any problems and keep invoices rolling as usual proved to be a huge advantage.

Jörg Brehm
Billing and Accounts Receivable Manager, All Service Group of Companies for Facility Management

Integrated Accounting System  

Invoicing workflows have completely changed since they introduced DocuWare. Today, the signed work slips are barcoded in the branch offices, scanned, stored in the digital document pool and enhanced with additional information (such as cost center and posting period) before being forwarded for invoicing. Documents then appear in the task lists of the processing department in Bad Homburg and can be invoiced right in the integrated Sage ERP system for the corresponding accounting month. Each document contains all important information and text can also be copied from the work statement into the invoice for further explanation. As soon as the invoices are sent out, they are archived centrally. Once a day, the invoices with the corresponding work slips are downloaded as PDF files and sent by email to an external service provider, who in turn sends them to the customers by post or email. A total of seven employees now work regularly with the solution. 


DMS Ensures Time Savings & Transparency 

The company benefits greatly from the time saved during the entire invoicing process. Instead of spending hours collecting, stuffing, mailing, unpacking and sorting hundreds of documents, employees can now use their working time for more meaningful tasks. For example, it now only takes a few minutes for invoices to be sent together with the work slips. The central document pool and easy document access also brings many advantages. The convenient full-text search function, for example, means that a desired document can be found in seconds when a customer has a question. Employees can thus email a missing invoice to the customer again with just a few mouse clicks. At the same time, the document flow has become more secure and transparent. It can be checked at any time, to see who has processed what and where a document is currently located – a tremendous advantage for traceability.  

The cloud solution convinced us with three main benefits: easy installation, regular updates and a reasonable price. In the end we only pay for what we use. No servers or on-site storage capacity has to be purchased.

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