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Case Study: Transportation / Logistics

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A well-oiled organization and coordination of a company’s operational assets are absolutely essential in the highly competitive field of logistics. A flexible information platform helps them design processes to meet the high demands of their customers.

Transporting all kinds of vehicles – from buses to RVs to special utility vehicles – is at the heart of this family business based in the southern part of Germany.

To serve their customers on time, which include well-known automobile manufacturers and their authorized dealers, they rely on special trucks and highly qualified drivers. But they are always on the move to find optimization potentials. Aside from improving logistical processes, such as the use of the recently-opened Gotthard Base Tunnel for the quick and environmentally friendly transportation of vehicles to and from Italy, they are always looking at new methods to streamline their administrative processes. In order to mirror proven workflows in a digital manner, in a way that wasn’t time-consuming or personnel-intensive, they opted for DocuWare Cloud.

Seamless integration of third-party applications

A key factor for selecting their ECM software was its seamless connection to David, a specialized email system. Most of their suppliers now issue invoices in a digital form, with only a few incoming A/P invoices arriving at Adam Transporte by post. The direct and automated processing of the documents in a digital workflow was therefore of highest priority. When they did a head-to-head comparison, DocuWare's solution came out on top in part because of its Connect-to-Mail functionality and Intelligent Indexing Service.

Transportation / Logistics
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Soloplan Carlo (ERP) |David

The cloud-based solution - with its flexibility and scalability - perfectly suits our business processes. In contrast to other software applications, we didn’t have to make any elaborate changes to our proven workflows. After putting together some analysis and documentation of our processes, and then working on an implementation plan with our DocuWare Partner, we were able to launch our pilot 6 weeks after the first idea was born.

Christian Adam
Managing Director of Adam Transporte, Neuried (Germany)

Everything also worked seamlessly during the test phase in conjunction with two newly acquired scanners. Using both a document scanner as well as a Ricoh multifunction device, they capture paper-based invoices as well as any relevant freight documents, which are digitized via barcode recognition and automatically stored in a central document pool. In addition to integrating the email system, the digital filing of outgoing invoices was also successfully tested. These invoices include transportation charges, any damages or repair shop fees, as well invoices generated by their industry-specific ERP solution, Soloplan Carlo. The invoices are immediately available to the accounting staff for further processing steps, like verifying payments received.

Twelve paper binders less per year

The practical benefits of DocuWare Cloud can be seen in many ways. Invoice processing times have been significantly cut, now that incoming invoices are automatically captured and indexed by the DMS and then placed in the digital tray of the responsible employee. Thanks to electronic workflows, invoices are checked and authorized for payment. Employees can take advantage of this approach at both the company headquarters or when working from home. And even from an environmental point of view, their digitization has been a success: they were able to avoid filling up about twelve paper binders every year with printed and outgoing invoice documents, while meeting all legal retention requirements.

By mid-2016 and six months into productive operation, the company’s feedback remained consistently positive. Almost 3,000 documents were archived in the central document pool during this timeframe. In Autumn 2016, they began digitizing the entire Quality Management department – particularly critical since Adam Transporte is certified according to ISO 9001. Not only employees working in-house, but also the drivers too, wanted to have all manuals as well as process and work guidelines available digitally at the touch of a button.

With the cloud into the future

Although his company did not conduct detailed ROI calculations during the run-up to ECM implementation, the quick amortization of the investment was obvious, according to the company’s Managing Director. The cloud approach is one reason he also feels the company is well-equipped for the future. The decision for DocuWare Cloud not only spares the company from making additional hardware investments in servers and storage systems, but it also saves them time lost to regular data backups or crafting an elaborate disaster-recovery-concepts that, in the face of more violent natural disasters, is apparently more necessary than ever. In addition, a cloud-based ECM solution ensures that the newest features are readily available and that changes in legal requirements can be seamlessly met.

I can use my smartphone to retrieve documents at appointments, for example while at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and quickly help my customers or colleagues get the information they need via email.”

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