Digitisation and document management for financial services offer distinct advantages

Document management and workflow automation let you digitise paperwork and securely save it in an organised repository for quick retrieval when needed.

Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents. Controlled access, task lists and email notifications enable staff to handle daily responsibilities more efficiently and decision-makers to approve, reject or request more information along checkpoints in all your processes.

DocuWare delivers these key capabilities to financial services companies.

Productivity and collaboration

  • Digitise paper records and instantly retrieve them to provide staff and faculty with the information they need to create the best client experience
  • Store client records electronically to save office space
  • Create public-facing eforms to quickly capture and process claims forms, information requests and more
  • Support financial health by automating accounts payable and receivable
  • Integrate with your client billing and other systems to maximise your existing technology’s value

Security and compliance

  • Restrict unauthorised viewing of confidential documents and develop guidelines to protect client privacy
  • Prove compliance with crucial financial mandates
  • Counter cyberthreats with state-of-the-art encryption of data, documents and online communication
  • Automatically enforce retention schedules

IT and future-readiness

  • Implement a user-friendly solution that flexes with the needs of multiple departments — without adding work for the IT team
  • Save significant budget on hardware and IT time with DocuWare Cloud
  • Protect against natural disasters with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan