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Exporting index data 

The data used to archive your documents is worth its weight in gold. You can also use it to drive processes like invoice handling - it’s just a matter of exporting the posting data from your stored invoices so that it can be fed into your ERP or accounting system.

Use invoice data from DocuWare for your accounting system


When filing invoices, DocuWare automatically captures relevant data for indexing, which is ultimately used to retrieve documents. For example, this can be vendor name, amount, due date, and even line item details.

You can also export this data and then import it into your accounting system or ERP, where it is especially handy as posting data. In this way, you can generate complete posting records from DocuWare without any additional effort. You also save yourself manual typing and time-consuming error corrections - and unnecessary costs for your company.

Integrate DocuWare via data export

  • Compatible with all accounting and ERP systems
    The exported data can be used with any accounting or ERP system that accepts CSV files as input. The result matches your accounting solution exactly, because DocuWare meets all conventions of the leading systems. Filters are used to select the documents whose data should be exported. You set up the data structure and can then easily also transfer content from table fields – for example, individual posting items – to other systems. To eliminate duplicate exports, an archive index field is updated with the data status after each export, so that you are always on the safe side.
  • Create dashboards
    Dashboards are a great way to present sales figures in an easy-to-understand way. With DocuWare Export, you can tap into the data you need to populate your dashboards in a structured and targeted way. You simply define what information is needed – for example, the amount or the quantity of line items of your outgoing invoices. You can also automate the export on a time-controlled basis, ideal for weekly or monthly analyses.



Just start an export with a click, enabling data integration.



Schedule exports as needed and conveniently integrate data into your processes.



Import exported data as a CSV file into your accounting program or ERP.



Automatically change data status, preventing duplicate exports.

How to start using DocuWare Export


All export functions are part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager and other useful modules.


If you use DocuWare as a locally installed system, DocuWare Export is available in systems with PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE Server with the additional license of the same name.


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