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One place to efficiently manage all business documents  

Still drowning in paperwork? Tired of time-consuming tasks and information gaps? Simplify your document management. Let DocuWare help you regain control and speed up your business. 

  • Access documents instantly 
  • Save time and effort with automation 
  • Ensure secure storage and data protection 

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Effortless storage and swift retrieval  

Say goodbye to scattered files and endless searches:  DocuWare centralises documents from any source and extracts key data for structured storage. Find that important file in seconds and complete tasks on the fly.  

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Streamlined workflows for peak productivity 

Automate manual data entry and repetitive tasks such as filing, version control, approvals and reminders. No more unnecessary steps and wasted time. Instead, optimise efficiencies and drive your business forward. 


Collaborate securely
anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road, DocuWare grants you instant access to all your business documents and workflows. Your data transmissions are encrypted and easy-to-manage permissions protect sensitive information.


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Control for all your documents — quick, intuitive, worry-free 

Capture, share, review, approve, archive and delete documents. In today's fast-paced business, efficient electronic document management is paramount. DocuWare ensures transparency and smooth processes for relaxed and focused work.  

No more paper and data chaos

In DocuWare, every document is organised centrally, enriched with structured metadata, and linked to related information. Automated import and data capture functions ensure immediate availability and productivity.   

Fast search, personalised overview

Whether you prefer full-text search, targeted filters or folder views to find information, DocuWare delivers. Access everything related to a project, customer, vendor, timeframe or business issue at the touch of a button, regardless of file size or format. 

Deadlines? No problem!  

Use flexible, customisable workflows and forms to streamline document-driven processes from invoice approval to contract renewal. DocuWare routes documents to the right people, monitors due dates and provides real-time status updates throughout the document lifecycle.  



Intuitive and traceable 

Make notes, highlight important details, or add stamps like your signatureall without altering the original document. Open documents in their original applications if needed, while automatic versioning and complete document history create transparency. 

Seamless information flow  

Integrate DocuWare with key business applications such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook and your ERP or CRM. Store and access documents seamlessly and eliminate the hassle of switching between programs. Keep data in sync and increase efficiency across the board. 

Secure, compliant archiving 

Well-organised documents not only help you comply with retention policies, but also provide critical information whenever it is needed. DocuWare offers features such as encryption, access control and audit trails to protect against data loss, misuse or leaks. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can all document formats be organised in DocuWare?

Yes. You can upload all file formats from any sources. Scanned paper documents are stored in DocuWare as PDF/A files. DocuWare allows you to view documents regardless of format, and you can edit, send, or download documents in the original application at any time. 

Is DocuWare a cloud or on-premises solution?

Both. DocuWare is available as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution with flexible licenses for different business sizes, giving you maximum scalability in managing your documents. It can also be deployed as an on-premises system in your own server environment. Both options offer the same functionality and user experience.   

Where are documents stored in DocuWare?

DocuWare stores documents securely in paperless electronic file cabinets. Users can access, view and edit documents from anywhere and on any device, provided they have the appropriate permissions.  

How quickly can we get started with document management software? 

DocuWare offers easy-to-use templates and configurations for various application scenarios, so you can be up and running in just a few days. DocuWare can also be customised. How long it takes to implement DocuWare depends on the complexity of each company's requirements. 

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