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Small and medium-sized business document management and workflow solutions

Graduate from paper files and messy file sharing. With DocuWare, regain control over your documents and your teams’ processes. No more shared drives, no more paper, no more frustration. Manage what matters in the smartest home for your documents.

Put remote working in place with a secure, easy-to-implement cloud document management solution

Discover how easily your team can implement a modern, cloud-based document management solution to digitise your paper documents and let your remote employees easily access information when they need it.

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Not just a place to put documents. A place to use them.

DocuWare delivers two critical capabilities to small businesses: world-class document management in the cloud to securely capture and organise the information you use every day and process automation to replace time-consuming manual methods with simple, instant digital workflow. All in a cloud-based, highly usable interface designed for both casual users as well as demanding power users.

DocuWare document organization and security on mobile device | small business document management
DocuWare document organisation and security on mobile device | small business document management

Organise and secure documents

  • Drop in files and watch key index data get extracted and organised automatically
  • Archive any document with ultrafine access rights and state-of-the-art encryption
  • Instantly retrieve any document to share, edit or annotate

Automate workflows and tasks

  • Assign tasks and alert team members with instant email notifications
  • Automatically send key stakeholders documents to review and approve
  • Design workflows that carefully align with your existing processes
DocuWare workflow and task automation on computer monitor | small business document management
Automate workflows (left) and assign users tasks (right)
Real-time document management with multiple mobile devices | small business document management
Connect mobile and remote workers with simple document management and workflow

Connect distributed teams

  • Team members that are working from home or travelling can instantly retrieve documents from one central repository to share, edit and annotate
  • Access information from any device, anywhere, anytime with a browser-based client and mobile apps

How small and medium-sized businesses use DocuWare

DocuWare is used by more than 19,000 customers across 100+ countries. Customers commonly deploy DocuWare in the document-centric processes that drive the heart of their business, where speed, reliability and security are most important. Some customers use DocuWare document management solutions with teams as small as two people, while other customers use DocuWare with thousands of employees.

Accounts payable and other finance processes

Although DocuWare is known for our best-in-class invoice processing solution that simplifies and expedites the entire process of incoming invoices, it’s also commonly used in accounts receivables, expense management, tax, operations and budgeting.

On Point Custom Homes constructs custom-built houses and is one of Houston’s award-winning builders. They complete 20 homes a year ranging from design-built to remodels. The company needed a cloud-based solution that was mobile-ready and would allow employees to access data and review and approve invoices remotely from job sites. DocuWare Cloud was selected for the security, flexibility and mobile-readiness it offers across accounting processes. Read the full case study.

Country: USA Industry: Construction / Building Management

Contracts and proposals for sales

Carefully organising and collaborating on crucial sales documents can unlock a serious competitive edge when you’re able to send product information, estimates and contracts instantly to your customers without tedious searching.

Criterion Tool & Die Inc. is a third-generation family-owned company. They manufacture precise no-failure components for medical, airspace and photonics industries. Government regulations mandate that they maintain all records on all parts made for their several hundred customers for the lifetime of the product. This information is now archived in DocuWare and is as easily available for shop supervisors responding to sales queries as it is for accounting department audits. Read the full case study.

Country: USA Industry: Manufacturing

Employee records and other HR processes

Centralising and securing your company’s employment records enables your HR team to get rid of archaic paper documents and start automating the manual processes that suck up their valuable time like performance reviews, time-off management and more.

In 2018, Chichester College Group deployed DocuWare to re-engineer some long-standing, antiquated paper-based processes, improve compliancy, increase storage, and encourage some new, greener ways of thinking. The solution was implemented within a busy HR department, to handle employee personnel files and ensure employee data is equally as quick to search as it is quick to retrieve. “At our fingertips, is how I’d describe employee data now. Being able to drag and drop documents from Outlook into trays has been a real game changer,” Sara said. Read the full case study Read the full case study.

Country: United Kingdom Industry: Education

Secure document archiving

Shared drives and paper files are no place for sensitive documents. Many customers use DocuWare to securely archive vast amounts of digital information to protect against unauthorised access or natural disasters — and safely get rid of boxes, filing cabinets and other paper expenses.

The Town of Henrietta implemented DocuWare to digitally transform their archaic filing system. Department processes were paper intensive — town meeting minutes, planning and zoning case files, registration forms, contracts, claims and lawsuits were just some of the documents that needed to be permanently archived. By implementing DocuWare and scanning and storing new and old files electronically, the town’s +500,000 documents can be securely and quickly retrieved and shared between departments. Read the full case study.

Country: USA Industry: Government

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Digital transformation for small & medium-sized buisnesses: What to know and how to start

Transform your company's paper-based processes into digital workflows, unlocking employee productivity to scale your growth.

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Designed and built for growing businesses

User-friendly interface icon | DocuWare small business document management features

User-friendly interface

Keep the learning curve short with an interface built for day-to-day use.

True cloud availability icon | DocuWare small business document management features

True cloud availability

Access any document with only a browser. Any operating system, any device, anytime.

Native mobile flexibility icon | DocuWare small business document management features

Native mobile flexibility

Capture, retrieve and store documents from your smartphone or tablet.

Document management security icon | DocuWare small business document management features

Bulletproof security

Stay safe with best-in-class encryption, user access rights and multi-tier backups

Launch document management faster with preconfigured cloud-based solutions

DocuWare small business document management and workflow automation can excel in any area of your business, but we offer two preconfigured solutions designed to get you from zero and to full-speed optimisation in just a few days. Each solution comes packed with sample documents, user profiles, preconfigured workflows and much more — all designed from our experience successfully deploying thousands of customers.

Woman working on computer | invoice processing with DocuWare for small business

Invoice processing

Break free from paper and data entry

Digitise every invoice with intelligent indexing to securely store for instant retrieval. Automate approval notifications to expedite payments and keep your team on track. .

Manager speaking with employee | employee management with DocuWare for small business

Employee management

Every employee’s records at your fingertips

Digitise your paper records and get rid of disorganised shared drives. Centralise, organise and secure all employee records and get to critical information within seconds. .

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