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Smart Connect

With just one click, instantly reveal all documents associated with the process at hand, regardless of which software you use. Smart Connect seamlessly connects any application to DocuWare, securely and without programming, to remove redundant data entry and time-consuming switching between applications.

No more manual searching, no more double data entry


Smart Connect reads terms directly from the interface of your application and uses them to search for associated documents in DocuWare. With a single click or key combination, you can immediately see all the relevant documents on the screen — orders, invoices, contracts, emails, receipts, statements, resumes, and any other document related to a project, transaction or employee.

DocuWare integrates with a limitless amount of applications

Connect DocuWare to over 1,000 other cloud applications for email, portals, CRM, ERP, HR, homegrown software and more. Create business workflows across a multitude of different applications.

The precise document at your fingertips with one click

  • Using Highlight Search to search from an email program: A customer sends you an email containing an invoice number that they received from you. You highlight the invoice number, use a keyboard shortcut such as Alt+F4, and the invoice from the DocuWare archive opens in the Viewer.
  • Use the Smart Connect button to search from your accounting software: You are processing the data record for an invoice. To display the invoice, simply click the Smart Connect button in your accounting software. With a second button, you can also load the relevant delivery note.
  • Working in parallel with your HR software: As an HR manager, you are responsible for reviewing employees' opportunities for promotions and payroll increases. When you open an employee's record in your HR software, a single click of the Smart Connect button instantly shows their performance reviews, peer feedback and all email communications from their manager related to their performance.
  • Indexing from Accounting: In your ERP, you post an invoice that you want to permanently archive in DocuWare. The invoice appears in the DocuWare Viewer and the filing dialog opens and right from your accounting software, you enter the company, date, invoice number and amount. With a single click, Smart Connect transfers each data point from the accounting system to DocuWare's filing dialog — instantly removing redundant data entry.

Display documents

To instantly reveal a list of associated documents, simply click a button in your software or hit a keyboard shortcut.


Smart indexing

Index documents with information from your software. Only specify which data is to be transferred as index terms.


For any software

Whatever program you work with, Smart Connect creates a direct and secure connection to your documents in DocuWare.


No programming

Securely and reliably connect your DocuWare file cabinet directly to your application with no programming.

How to start using DocuWare Smart Connect


Smart Connect is part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Workflow Manager, Forms, and other key modules.


If you use DocuWare as a locally installed system, Smart Connect is available as an add-on module for all server editions.