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Contract management
that creates clarity

Original documents gone astray? Missed the deadline again? DocuWare brings structure to your contracts and stores them securely, company-wide. 

  • Centralised contract repository 
  • Streamlined contract workflows 
  • Secure contract storage and audit trails 

More than 19,000 customers from all industries trust DocuWare to handle their contracts


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Search contracts in seconds for product details, contracts or warranty clauses in a centralised contract repository. Contract history is always available so you're always ready to provide information to ensure you're never at a loss for answers. 



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Accelerate contract closure 

Contract visibility matters. Automated workflows and approval processes empower seamless collaboration among stakeholders, saving time and ensuring decisions are traceable – from the first contact to the final signature. 


Automate contract alerts 

Monitor deadlines effortlessly through automated contract alerts. DocuWare reminds you at the right time so you can renew, terminate or negotiate more favourable terms with ease. It’s just as easy to keep an eye on the status of customer contracts in order to proactively counteract churn.  


3 Contract Management


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Comprehensive contract lifecycle management

Check, extend, sign, terminate and securely archive contracts and related documents. With DocuWare, you can make your contract processes
100% secure and transparent
from start to finish

No disjointed data, no chaotic paperwork  

  • Ensure consistency across the board and use standardised filing criteria to ensure that contracts are clearly archived throughout the company.
  • Fill contract templates automatically with data from forms or your CRM, saving you tedious and error-prone copy and pasting of data.    

All contract details, always at your fingertips 

  • Unleash the power of OCR and advanced search to find contracts in a centralised repository for product details or warranty clauses in seconds.
  • Gain insight into contract provisions in no time at all, without wasting valuable time searching through emails and folders.

Transparent processes made easy

  • Assign tasks according to dynamic rules to smoothly organise the review and approval of contracts and track their status.
  • Add notes and comments to contracts without changing the original and make decisions comprehensible in the long term. 



Integrated contract ecosystem 

  • Automatically link contracts with associated documents such as quotes, purchase orders and related correspondence.
  • You can also conveniently access the information you need from your CRM, Microsoft Teams or any other program at the touch of a button. 

Automate renewals 

  • Tired of juggling Excel spreadsheets and calendars? DocuWare automates alerts for necessary actions so you can prioritise what really matters.
  • Customise when you want to be reminded and who gets notified.

Sign contracts digitally in a secure way 

  • Simply add your electronic signature using a signature stamp to complete contract processes quickly.
  • With the seamless integration of electronic signatures from DocuSign or ValidatedID, you also meet the highest security standards when signing contracts.

Frequently asked questions

How does DocuWare handle contract storage?

In DocuWare, contracts are stored in a secure and centralised electronic filing cabinet that allows documents to be searched and retrieved quickly. Contracts can be uploaded to the system using a variety of methods, including scanning, file upload and email import. Plus, DocuWare offers flexible integrations with other systems so that contracts can be saved directly from other applications in the logically organised contract archive.

Who has access to contracts in DocuWare?

Access to contracts in DocuWare can be controlled individually depending on the role, function and responsibility of a person in the company through user management. In this way, access to confidential or protected contracts can be restricted to departments or authorised individuals to ensure the confidentiality and security of the contracts.  

Does DocuWare enable automatic versioning of contracts?

Yes, DocuWare supports automatic versioning, so every change to a contract document is saved as a new version. , so every change to a contract document is saved as a new version. That gives you an audit trail with access to all previous versions of the contract at any time, so you can track changes and who made them 

How quickly can we get started with smart contract management?


DocuWare offers easy-to-use templates and configurations for various application scenarios, so you can be up and running in just a few days. DocuWare can also be customised. How long it takes to implement DocuWare depends on the complexity of each company's requirements. 

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