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Automatic data enrichment

Connect your valuable databases with DocuWare for the seamless exchange of critical index and meta information. Enrich document index data in DocuWare with external data sources — or use DocuWare data to populate your other systems. Automatically index large volumes of documents at once to ensure all repositories are precisely consistent.

Synchronise and enrich data

DocuWare Autoindex
Productive circle: DocuWare gets index data from an external data source and enriches automatically the archived documents. Conversely you can use DocuWare data to populate your other systems

DocuWare is your central repository for documents, but those documents require rich index and meta data for maximum value. Much of that index data is captured when documents arrive in DocuWare — but even more relevant data may reside in external databases.

DocuWare can retrieve information from a data source and uses that dataset to populate records within DocuWare. Large volumes of documents can be indexed quickly for complete consistency.

Conversely, index information from DocuWare can be written to records of external data sources.

DocuWare works with diverse data sources: a standalone database, a more limited database view, a DocuWare file cabinet, or even a simple CSV file.

Use data across system boundaries

DocuWare uses data already available within the company for indexing. This automatic data synchronization is useful in many areas. For example:

  • Invoice indexing. An invoice with sender, document number, date and total is entered in the posting system. To store the invoice, DocuWare accesses the posting system and brings in necessary information.
  • Creating a new contact. DocuWare records the delivery note of a new customer and then recreates the record for this customer in CRM.
  • Returned delivery notes. Delivery notes signed by the customer are archived, assigned to the process and indexed. In the event of a query, all documents can be viewed at a glance.
  • Contract alert. If the expiry date of a contract is less than a certain time ahead, the contract is flagged and displayed in the responsible employee’s task list.
  • Fast reorganization of file cabinets. Add a new index field to all documents or change the document type.

Universal connection

Communicate with databases such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle and OBDC.


Seamless integration

Effortlessly exchange data with systems such as ERP, CRM, HRM and many others.

Flexible time management

Start according to your business schedule or immediately after data modification.

Simple process optimization

Use data entered once in multiple systems

How to start using Autoindex


The complete functionality is a standard part of every DocuWare Cloud license. DocuWare Cloud also includes Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager and other key capabilities.


If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, automatic data enrichment is available as an add-on module.

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