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Electronic Signatures With DocuWare

Use an electronic signature to sign documents and validate crucial business information. A qualified electronic signature ensures your documents are legally binding and meet modern security standards.

Electronic signatures for documents in a DocuWare workflow

The document is sent directly from the workflow to an external Trust Service Provider for advanced or qualified signing. Once the identity has been verified and the document signed, it is automatically sent back to DocuWare.

Electronic signatures are common in today's offices — and it's a positive shift. They cut down on paper use and make your document workflow more secure and straightforward.

DocuWare Signature Service ensures your documents are digitally signed by a verified Trust Service Provider

DocuWare Signature Service provides your business with rapid and flexible digital signatures.

  1. Easily connect external signature providers like Validated ID or DocuSign to your DocuWare workflow. Documents move automatically between DocuWare and the Trust Service Provider and employees receive notifications when a document is ready for signing.
  2. Collect electronic signatures for a document from all relevant employees right from one workflow.
  3. Choose between advanced or qualified security levels for the signature based on your needs.
  4. Keep signature certificates stored centrally with the external service provider for easy retrieval whenever needed.
  5. Securely store the document with the signature in an audit-proof manner in the archive.

Signature procedures and security level

In DocuWare workflows, you can integrate signature providers like Validated ID or DocuSign to sign documents.

The signature procedures with VIDsigner offer the following options:

  • Remote. When a document is sent to Validated ID within a workflow, the assigned employee gets a notification and can approve the signature using their smartphone, typically with an SMS code.
  • Biometric. When a customer signs on a tablet, biometric data like writing pressure and speed are captured and included with the signature in the document. You can find a list of supported devices.
  • Centralised. Once a user deposits a certificate with Validated ID to confirm their identity, they can authenticate and sign documents using Validated ID from any location at any time.

DocuSign service requests signatures using email notifications.

  • After receiving a notification, DocuSign provides various ways to authenticate the signer, such as using an Access Code (like a password), SMS code, phone call or Knowledge Based Authentication.
  • Optionally, you can add initials on various pages along with a full signature on the designated signature page of a document.
  • Multiple-signer workflow can be automated.
  • This globally adopted service meets or surpasses global security and compliance standards like ISO 27001, GDPR and more.

Three security levels are available

Signatures vary in their security levels. A typed name in an email or a DocuWare stamp is a simple signature. An advanced signature needs encryption, with part of the key only accessible to the signer. A qualified signature further verifies the signer's identity with a certificate deposited with a trust service provider.


All security levels

DocuWare handles all three security levels for electronic signatures: simple, advanced and qualified.


Any use case

The flexibility of DocuWare enables electronic signatures to be used in travel expenses, contracts and more.


Cloud native

Like DocuWare Cloud, DocuWare Signature Service is hosted in Microsoft Azure. The only technical requirement is an internet connection.



DocuWare supports electronic signatures through a smartphone. This is legally acceptable through the regulation eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services).

Learn more about electronic signatures with DocuWare

Whitepaper: Electronic Signatures With DocuWare

The whitepaper shows you in detail the steps participants take in a signature workflow, explains the various signature methods and provides technical background information for anyone who wants to know exactly what's going on.

DocuWare for Electronic Signature

We show how to sign documents in DocuWare with an electronic signature and explain the benefits, from legal security to saved paper.

How to start with the DocuWare Signature Service

Start easily with the preconfigured 'DocuWare for Electronic Signature' solution. Key settings for digital signatures, like file cabinet, workflow and registration form are ready. Use it in your existing DocuWare system. Don't wait—begin sending documents for signing to external service providers, customers, partners and more.


The DocuWare Signature Service for connecting external signature service providers is included in the functionality of DocuWare Cloud.

The signature certificates from external providers must be purchased additionally.


For locally installed DocuWare systems, the DocuWare Signature Service is available as a paid add-on module. The licence for Workflow Manager is also required.

The signature certificates from external providers must be purchased additionally.

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