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DocuWare iPaaS Connectors

Connect DocuWare Cloud to over 1,000 cloud applications, create business workflows across multiple systems and benefit from the convenience of professionally hosted automation platforms.

Integrate cloud systems easily

DocuWare iPaaS Connectors on Make
One platform, many providers. Most of the major business applications are available on Make for integration with DocuWare, including the standard, widely-used options as well as specialised apps for industry use cases.
Safely storing data in the cloud can lead to data silos. Cloud systems are naturally isolated and the programming of interfaces is also quite complex.
Use DocuWare iPaaS connectors to integrate your data back into your business. On iPaaS platforms like Make, you can connect your DocuWare Cloud with other business applications, ensuring smooth workflows and avoiding cost issues from disrupted processes.
Key advantages of DocuWare iPaaS connectors include:
  • Automated workflows without limits between different cloud applications
  • Consistent data across an organisation
  • Workflows created intuitively using a clickable interface
  • Integration of cloud applications without time-consuming special programming and constant adjustments after updates 

Automated workflows with cloud applications

Automated workflows streamline company processes, especially when connecting various cloud applications. Here are four examples illustrating the benefits of automatic data exchange:
  • Synchronising booking data. Invoice booking data stored in DocuWare and verified within the platform are automatically transferred to an ERP or accounting software.
  • Matching of master data. The company's CRM master data is cross-checked with DocuWare, ensuring all systems have current and accurate information for document searches.
  • Reconciliation of purchase requisitions. Requests are logged and saved using a DocuWare form. The data is then moved to an ERP for future reference.
  • Legally compliant archiving. When ERP software generates invoices in PDFs and emails them to customers, they can simultaneously be sent to DocuWare for secure storage and linked automatically to processes within the ERP system. 
Data integrated into workflows via iPaaS platforms is also protected. 

DocuWare iPaaS Connectors

DocuWare has developed its own connector, especially for the integration of cloud applications on Make. Other iPaaS platforms such as and also offer connectors for DocuWare. Integrations with locally installed applications are also possible here.


Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

The technical term iPaaS refers to cloud-based services with which applications from different cloud and on-premise environments can be integrated. Data and applications can be connected to workflows. For example, Make, and are providers of iPaaS platforms.


Universal: Connectors

No programming is needed. Modern cloud applications connect via connectors. Embedded in an iPaaS platform, these universal modules are not set to another single application but rather can exchange data with all other connectors of that platform.


So much DocuWare is in the connector on Make

The DocuWare connector on Make provides many features for data exchange with other cloud applications, for example downloading files and documents, deleting, storing them in file cabinets and setting stamps.

How to start with DocuWare iPaaS connectors

The DocuWare iPaaS connector on Make is available for free. On the DocuWare side, no special license is required to log in to DocuWare, only a DocuWare client license The billing of transactions is usage-based directly via Make.

Information on the use of DocuWare on other iPaaS platforms can be found on these provider websites: Software AG Cloud and

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