Digitisation and document management software offer clear advantages for local government

Document management and workflow automation let you digitise paperwork and securely save it in an organised repository for quick retrieval when you need it. Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents while ensuring controlled accessStay efficient with task lists, email notifications, and checkpoints for approvals and information requests across all processes.

Here are the key capabilities and features DocuWare delivers:

Productivity and collaboration

  • Digitise paper records, ensuring all papers are stored securely and centrally. This boosts collaboration among staff and committees
  • Store client records electronically to save office space
  • Design user-friendly eforms to swiftly collect and manage applications and information requests from the public
  • Integrate with your other systems to seamlessly share data and information

Security and compliance

  • Prevent unauthorised access to sensitive documents and create policies to safeguard citizens' privacy
  • Prove compliance with various compliance regulations, mandates standards
  • Counter cyber threats with state-of-the-art encryption of data, documents and online communication

IT and future-readiness

  • Implement a user-friendly solution that caters to various departments' needs and improves service to your community − without adding work for your IT team
  • With DocuWare Cloud, you can save significant budget on hardware and IT time
  • Protect against natural disasters with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan