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Document management and workflow solutions for large enterprises

Keep your teams productive without compromising information management. DocuWare offers robust document management and process automation, ensuring seamless information flow. Say goodbye to security risks, lost documents and manual tasks. Manage your important documents smartly in one central place.

How to take control of repetitive or complex manual processes with simple workflow automation

Employees are often caught in time-consuming, repetitive tasks with scattered information, hindering their potential. Shift away from slow, manual processes by embracing a modern workflow automation solution.

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The most secure home for your most important documents

Document management workflows assist organisations in handling documents and offer clear steps throughout the document lifecycle, covering creation, approvals, sharing and removal.

DocuWare enhances critical information management, boosting employee productivity and overall corporate performance. It streamlines tasks, ensures instant access to reliable information and maintains end-to-end security, delivering significant efficiency gains by reducing manual work.

DocuWare document organisation and security on mobile device | Enterprise document management
Organise, access and secure critical enterprise documents.

Collects and protects documents

  • Collect documents from scanners, MFPs, email, drag-and-drop desktops and more, while automatically extracting important data fields
  • Secure each document using advanced access rights and state-of-the-art data encryption

Enforces business rules

  • Design workflows that perfectly align with your business processes and monitor the status of any document
  • Assign tasks and alert team members with instant email notifications
DocuWare workflow and task automation on computer monitor | Enterprise document management
Automate business processes (left) and assign users document tasks (right).
Real-time document management with multiple mobile devices | Enterprise document management
Expedite business processes and document tasks with access on any device

Connects distributed teams

  • Instantly retrieve documents from one central repository to share, edit and annotate documents with high-resolution version control
  • Access information from any device, anywhere and at anytime with a browser-based client and mobile apps

A modern platform for the most demanding teams

DocuWare is built on a modern infrastructure ensuring scalability, security, and flexible integration. Plus, it offers a user-friendly interface for smooth adoption across teams.

True cloud availability icon | DocuWare enterprise document management features

True cloud availability

Access any document with only a browser — any operating system, any device and at any time.

Deployment flexibility icon | DocuWare enterprise document management features

Deployment flexibility

Deploy in the cloud, on-premises in your own data centre or as a hybrid environment.

Document management security icon | DocuWare enterprise document management features

Bulletproof security

Stay safe with best-in-class encryption, user access rights and multi-tier backups.

CRM & ERP integration icon | DocuWare enterprise document management features

Robust integration

Integrate DocuWare into the centre of your IT universe with a multitude of integration options.

How enterprises succeed with DocuWare

Over 19,000 customers in 100+ countries trust DocuWare's enterprise document management solutions. They rely on DocuWare for crucial business processes, ensuring speed, reliability and security. DocuWare easily scales to support large user bases and vast document quantities for demanding environments.

Up and running in a matter of days

DocuWare delivers a best-in-class document storage solution, providing everything you need to get started right away with digital document management.

Carebase is a leading operator of retirement and nursing homes in the UK, running 15 facilities. HR previously created a paper-based checklist of required documents for each new hire. Documents were then sent back and forth between the homes. As recruitment increased, more problems within the process emerged. After a convincing solution, the company decided on the cloud-based document management system (DMS). After just one week, the most crucial recruitment process was digitally mapped. Since the process optimisation, Carebase hasn’t had to hire additional administrative staff despite increasing documentation requirements. DocuWare’s solution guarantees the highest level of compliance security through audit-proof and digital archiving of all confidential documents. Read the full case study.

Country: United Kingdom Industry: Healthcare

Easy file retrieval

DocuWare reduces the need for spending hours in filing rooms searching endlessly for documents. Instead, DocuWare sets your team up for success with easy retrieval — allowing your team to focus on higher revenue tasks.

Before their DMS was introduced, each client required a great deal of paper documentation. 400-500 documents from ongoing trading quickly accumulated, including declarations of consent, signed forms and financial statements. Employees had to repeatedly hunt down individual documents from their archives or spend time storing new documents. With DocuWare, retrieving information has become much easier thanks to their DMS. Instead of searching for hours in the paper archive as in the past, documents are now retrieved on screen within seconds. Thanks to extensive search features, employees can perform even complex document-based analysis and evaluations in a time-saving manner. For example, full-text searches only filter out those documents from the archive that match a customer profile with specific criteria. Read the full case study.

Country: United Kingdom Industry: Finance

Orderly accounting processes

DocuWare delivers a robust invoice processing solution that simplifies and expedites the entire process of incoming invoices with integration to your ERP. Customers also use the software in accounts receivables, legal, HR, facilities management and more.

The accounting department of Smithfield Foods receives more than 12,000 invoices each year. Prior to the introduction of the DMS, payment approval was completely paper-based: invoice data was compared with open purchase orders or forwarded to the responsible manager for approval. With DocuWare’s DMS implementation, the organisation now isn’t wasting time on searches and filing. For Smithfield Foods, this amounts to recapturing a good 85 hours per month — roughly the working time of a part-time employee. Read the full case study.

Country: United Kingdom Industry: Manufacturing

Rethinking paper-based processes

Large organisations are known to have thousands of documents flying around, most of which are sensitive and need to be handled carefully. DocuWare digitised this, reducing any risk associated with sensitivity and helping with environmental goals.

Chichester College Group were initially driven by a green initiative to go paperless. But in July 2017, a merger with another college asked stern questions about the current management of the college’s paper-based systems. The number of documents that are now managed digitally is in the hundreds and thousands, so the college has hit its objective of reducing its negative environmental impact and made huge cost savings on paper, printer cartridges and other consumables. Read the full case study.

Country: United Kingdom Industry: Education

Cloud-based document management

Moving to the cloud is one piece of the puzzle, doing so securely and while remaining compliant is a different challenge entirely — all while ensuring business operations are never interrupted.

In 1972, brothers Huw and Eurof Owen started their logistics business in South Wales with just one van. Over 40 years later, DocuWare has helped Owens Group to digitally capture incoming invoices, which means that all order documentation is stored transparently and in an orderly manner. The result? More control at greater speed. Read the full case study.

Country: United Kingdom Industry: Transportation / Logistics

How to automate AP processes and skyrocket staff productivity (EN)

eBook: How to automate AP processes and skyrocket staff productivity

AP’s work is critical, but processes can be manual, repetitive and tedious. Let’s fix that. Get practical guidance on automating key workflows within accounts payables with a focus on incoming invoices.

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Recognised as one of the best solutions on the market

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Available as preconfigured cloud-based document management solutions

DocuWare enterprise document management and workflow automation excels across any area of your business, but for organisations that want to jumpstart digital transformation, we offer two preconfigured solutions designed for rapid deployment and even faster ROI. Each solution comes packed with sample documents, user profiles, out-of-the-box workflows and much more — all designed from our experience in successfully deploying thousands of customers.

Woman working on computer | invoice processing with DocuWare for small business

Invoice processing

Break free from paper and data entry

Digitise every invoice with intelligent indexing to securely store for instant retrieval. Automate approval notifications to expedite payments and keep your team on track. .

Manager speaking with employee | employee management with DocuWare for small business

Employee management

Every employee’s records at your fingertips

Digitise your paper records and get rid of disorganised shared drives. Centralise, organise and secure all employee records and get to critical information within seconds. .

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