Cut data entry by 95% — and that’s just the first step

New speed and accuracy at every process step

Managing incoming invoices is a process ripe for optimisation and efficiency gains. The DocuWare solution delivers significant ROI through meaningful time and cost savings at every point of the process.

Invoice Processing Optimization Workflow - UK
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Save time
with no more data entry

Use DocuWare Intelligent Indexing to capture critical data points and save everyone from tedious data entry. Keep the team focused on bigger projects.

Save money
with early payment discounts

Pay invoices ahead of schedule and reap the reward of early payment discounts. When invoices are precisely indexed and accessible in seconds, nothing is late or lost.

Save headaches
with rapid audit responses 

Simplify audit preparation by securely collecting and organising documents with just a few clicks. Deliver detailed, tamper-proof audit trails for any document in your system.

Take control of your documents


Go paperless

Get rid of paper once and for all. Convert the stacks of paper overwhelming desks into fully searchable and usable digital documents.


Apply retention rules

Dictate how certain documents are stored, when they should be destroyed and approval workflows for doing so.


Access versions

Use flexible version control to maintain a careful record of dynamic documents like contracts for quick reference to previous changes.


Own your information

If you change ERPs or HCMs, move offices or experience other organisation change, DocuWare data is always yours and always safe.

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The cost of cloud is less than on-premises

Customers love DocuWare's cloud solutions for their fast deployment, upfront flexibility and long-term value. The overall cost of cloud is far less than an equivalent on-premises deployment.

Unique benefits to processing invoices in the cloud

Invoice processing is an ideal solution for the cloud. You can take advantage of powerful machine learning tools like Intelligent Indexing for ultra-accurate data capture, preconfigured templates for fast deployment, and scalable storage with zero infrastructure overhead.

DocuWare Cloud delivers:

  • Highest security to protect your documents and data
  • Highest scalability to support any shape and size team
  • Highest availability to ensure business continuity at all times
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Cloud TCO Graph - EN
The total cost of ownership of cloud is lower than on-premises, even over a ten-year period. Modeled on an average mid-size implementation.

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