How state and local government IT secure data, automate processes and improve service to citizens with one cloud solution

CIOs or IT leaders at state and local governments need to ensure top-notch security and that staff can easily access documents. This is all while staying within budget and working with limited resources. How do you ease the IT burden, streamline processes and deliver a fast, relevant experience for citizens?

DocuWare’s cloud document management solution is a secure, all-in-one platform where you can store and work with documents and data from all departments. Authorized staff can easily access or store documents at the office or from a remote job site. Citizens can submit digital forms or email in their requests – since both forms and email inboxes can be connected to DocuWare, documents are automatically stored and ready to act on! Staff is working in sync and all documents and data are secure and consistent.

Watch a free introductory demo. You will see how to secure and link your physical and digital records management, streamline citizen request processes and access documents from one centralized platform, even while in other applications.

Picture this for your government technology:

  • Protect against cyberthreats and natural disasters like floods or fires with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan for complete government data security
  • Have a centralized, secure database for anytime, anywhere access across departments – if you have one office, or ten offices, your team has consistent digital file cabinets
  • Implement a user-friendly solution that flexes with the needs of multiple departments and agencies, easing the local and state IT burden
  • Integrate with your daily business applications for seamless information sharing
  • Effortlessly adhere to regulatory compliance measures

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