Speed up your AP! How you can increase the number of invoices you process by 6X*

According to Ardent Partners’ “AP Metrics that Matter in 2022” report, companies with the most efficient processes take 3.3 days to process an invoice, while companies with the least efficient processes take 11.9 days. Yikes, that’s a difference of more than one full week! Imagine what you could do with all that saved time and resources.

If you need an invoice processing solution to up your game, DocuWare has you covered.

Meet your new 24/7 AP digital team member: DocuWare for Invoice Processing. It’s a ready-to-use cloud invoice processing solution that comes pre-built with the important, everyday processes you need to get your job done.

Without DocuWare, you may be drowning in paper files, wasting time on duplicate data entry, and endlessly following up on items. Now with DocuWare, you can get work done fast, securely, and accurately. Better yet? It can be up and running in just a few days.

Watch this short, no-obligation demo. 

Lighten the manual workload. Process more invoices. Picture this:

  • Eliminate paper and manual data entry
  • Intelligently index all incoming invoices
  • Effortlessly archive and retrieve digital documents
  • Digitally route invoices for approval and post-back
  • Integrate invoice processing with your existing applications

*6X results based on a 2022 DocuWare user case study. The user went from processing 15 invoices/day to 100 invoices/day.

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