Go paperless! Boost team productivity with a fast-to-install, user-friendly document solution

If your team is remote, in the office, or a hybrid of both, you need documents to move securely and automatically to the right employees at the right time. DocuWare takes the manual process of routing and managing documents (both paper and digital) and streamlines it into a centralized, searchable, secure digital repository and workflow automation engine.

With DocuWare for Smart Document Control, you get a user-friendly, ready-to-use cloud document management system to securely store all your documents and boost teamwork from any location. Prebuilt file cabinets, document storage and sharing settings and more are all waiting for you. Get up and running in just a few days!

Watch this introductory, zero-obligation demo now. Please note this is not a technical session; we’ll be showing how easy it is to use. 

Picture yourself:

  • Securely and automatically storing your documents in one centralized cloud repository
  • Accessing documents instantly from anywhere with any authorized device
  • Working together productively as you can share documents, manage versions and more
  • Moving work forward with action dates and task lists
  • Removing documents automatically or for review with predefined document retention periods
  • Enjoying quick user adoption; teaching employees how to use the software with zero business interruption

DocuWare’s cloud document management solution is what 17,000+ customers around the world rely on to securely house their documents and automate their most important processes.

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