Modern invoice processing
makes all your wishes come true

Imagine... all your invoices are validated and approved in the blink of an eye. Data for financial statements and reporting is available in real-time and it's easy to handle audits and verify compliance.

Sound like a fairy tale? Not at all… You can have your happy ending!

DocuWare makes your wishes come true. How? By transforming invoice processing into digital workflows, you can now increase efficiency, get full oversight and reduce costs. Benefit from secure and automated document storage, smooth approval processes and seamless integration with your ERP or accounting system. Give your team back the gift of time for more productive work and less stress.

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Benefits of invoice processing automation

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Save 80% processing time with automated workflows and have full transparency. Your
teams can process invoices from any location
with a direct connection to your ERP or
financial accounting system.


Gain control

Rely on verifiable compliance! All documents
are stored in an organized manner that is easily searchable 24/7 and can be quickly compiled
for audits. This enables you to meet legal and
tax requirements in no time at all.

reduce costs dollar

Reduce costs

Automated invoice processing pays off!
Benefit from correct payments, lucrative cash discounts and rebates, as well as an optimized cash flow. The simple implementation also gives you a quick start and ROI.

Automation is not difficult: take a quick look at our solution

With DocuWare, you can easily digitize any invoice − secure storage and retrieval included!

Say goodbye to mountains of paper and annoying, error-prone manual data entry. Our automated workflows ensure straightforward processing and a smooth approval process so that nothing gets in the way of timely and accurate payments.


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    All in one place: scan, import or drag invoices and related contents into DocuWare.

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    DocuWare automatically captures invoice data such as the supplier and amounts, as if by magic.

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    Complete control: DocuWare detects missing and incorrect invoice details.

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    Invoice approval at any time and any place, done with one click!

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    Never again chase information: digital lists provide a quick overview


10 Tips for healthier accounting practices

Get rid of lengthy and complicated processes. You'll not only save time and money, but also reduce the workload of your employees!
Learn how DocuWare can make your wishes come true...

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What our customers say

"We went from processing 15 invoices a day to processing 100 invoices a day. After we brought in DocuWare, we had a big shredding party!"

Mike Cordaro
Design, I.T. & Special Projects Manager
Lawrence Paper Company

"Accounts Payable uses DocuWare to process invoices faster. By making more timely payments to vendors we receive increased discounts."

Debbie Kyzer
Accounts Payable
Packaging Specialties

"We’d had over 31,000 invoices and 5,200 vendor agreements that have gone through DocuWare. Intelligent Indexing is a huge time-saver, especially if you’re doing multiple invoices."

Jennifer Rodriguez
Manager, IT & Administration
Smile Train

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