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Vaccination and testing management made easy

Fast, safe and simple to use
The reality of vaccination and testing management presents a whole new challenge for already busy HR teams. For the safety of their employees and to keep their businesses up and running, employers understand the need to get processes in place now.

DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management is a preconfigured solution that will support a fast and safe return to work, making it easy for everyone.

Vaccinated, tested, recovered?
Easy recordkeeping with digital files

DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management supports a fast and safe return to the workplace. You do not need to take the risks associated with relying on spreadsheets or other manual systems when you digitally automate the process and oversight.

From any device

Easily capture documentation

Employees use a short, easy-to-follow web form which allows them to enter their data, upload their proof - and that's it. Everything is securely transmitted to the employer within seconds.



Conveniently check a daily status overview

Quickly verify vaccination status, manage exemptions and oversee testing with total transparency, sending automated email reminders and employer notifications as needed.


Safe and secure

Protect sensitive information

Records are safely stored all in one place with secure access rights and data encryption. Only authorized staff will have access to employee health information. DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management is a simple way to automate capture and tracking, giving peace of mind to employers and their employees.

Security and trust with DocuWare

Break free of error-prone, manual, repetitive time wasters. DocuWare provides modern, future-proof technology solving everyday real-life business process challenges. When your work-life is easier, it motivates for more creative projects.



Roll out quickly

DocuWare Vaccination & Testing Management
Can be rolled out in your organization within a few hours. All users can work with the solution immediately. No training is required.


Flexible and adaptable

Regardless of how many employees you have, you can store as many documents as you need. If mandates change, you can adapt the solution to the new requirements in just a few steps.


Scalable and powerful

The solution includes the entire range of DocuWare Cloud functionality for a secure storage and process solution. Cloud solutions keep teams connected and productive.


This solution is ready for use in your company with just a few steps - this is how it works:  

  1. Set up a DocuWare Cloud organization in order to get access to the solution.
  2. Determine the staff in your company who are authorized to carry out the verification and access control. After a few individual adjustments and a short briefing, everything is ready for the rollout for all employees.
  3. Your entire team will have access to the web form (either by email or QR code) which they use to submit their data and proof.

Get started now with DocuWare in your workplace

  • Simplify life in your HR department
    Authorized users have complete reporting of vaccine status, exemptions and testing. Use advanced technology to securely record and document your employees’ data.
  • Breathe easier
    Working with paper poses a significant security risk. Save time and money working with secure digital records that minimizes human data entry errors and misplaced paper documents.
  • The future looks bright
    Minimize financial and technical hurdles with a secure, multitenant cloud environment. Rely on dependable solutions that protect your information today and into the future… as well as grow with the success of your business and that employees love.

Start your path to digitization here and then expand it to a full HR solution or into other use cases such as contract management and invoice processing.