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PSP Peters Schönberger GmbH Audits Document Management Software

DocuWare Cloud Complies with GoBD

Germering, February 18, 2016 – ECM-specialist DocuWare recently had its ECM solution analyzed by the well-respected PSP Peters Schönberger GmbH, Tax & Audit Specialists. The result: DocuWare Cloud as well as the on-premise version of their document management system meet the stringent compliance requirements of the GoBD, Germany’s federal code regulating the electronic storage of business records.

After extensive analysis by Munich-based PSP Peters Schönberger GmbH Tax & Audit Specialists, the DocuWare document management system Version 6.8 fulfills all “requirements to legally retain financial records in an electronic format as well as for data access (GoBD).” Their audit of the system specifically followed the criteria laid out in the “GoBD Checklist for Document Management Systems“ created by industry association Bitkom. The result is based on clear and transparent guidelines defined specifically for document management systems by the GoBD.

DocuWare is therefore the first provider in the German market to be certified according to these criteria. In summary, the audit concludes that DocuWare’s cloud solution as well as its on-premise solution comply with all audit criteria and support a company’s GoBD-compliant processes when applied correctly. The most common applications for this type of software solution in this area are the secure storage of tax-relevant data; the digitization of paper records (and subsequent discarding of original documents); email storage; and the electronic retention of A/P and A/R invoices.


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DocuWare is one of the world’s leading document management software companies. Its solutions are available in 70 countries and 16 languages, with over 125,000 users in approximately 14,000 installations. The company, founded in 1988, operates worldwide from Germering near Munich, Germany, New Windsor, New York, and Wallingford, Connecticut, with subsidiaries in the U.K., Spain and France. 

Whether as a cloud or an on-premise solution, DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management. DocuWare's solutions are highly secure, scalable, flexible to integrate, and use future-proof technologies.


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