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DocuWare for Invoice Processing

Resources for users of the preconfigured cloud solution

Where can I find help to familiarize myself with DocuWare and the Invoice Processing solution?

Experience the interface right inside DocuWare

If you're logged in, click your User ID, Help & Info, then Interactive tours.

interactive tours 2

Follow along step-by-step tutorials for key aspects of the DocuWare interface, including the core client, document tray, displaying and storing documents, searching, and more.


PDF Guide: First steps with DocuWare

This simple, 4-page resource covers the basics of DocuWare with a quick tour of the interface and step-by-step guides to import, store, and retrieve your documents. The perfect at-a-glance reference to share with new users.

Download here

Video tutorials 

Take a step-by-step look at how the invoice processing solution works. From storing the invoice through all processing steps to data export.

Watch all videos here



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