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How much does the invoice processing solution cost?

DocuWare’s invoice processing solution uses DocuWare Cloud as its platform with preconfigured workflows, profiles and settings to simplify deployment.

The solution’s pricing model is based on DocuWare Cloud tiers, which defines users and storage as follows:

  • DocuWare Cloud 4
    Includes 4 named client users with 20 GB storage
  • DocuWare Cloud 15
    Includes 15 named client users with 50 GB storage
  • DocuWare Cloud 40
    Includes 40 named client users with 500 GB storage
  • DocuWare Cloud 100
    Includes 100 named client users with 1,000 GB storage

The invoice processing solution is not an additional cost. As it leverages the features and capabilities already within DocuWare, everything you need is built-in. Pricing is based upon which tier you need, whether you select an annual or multi-year contract, and the amount of professional services required to ensure a successful deployment. To discuss pricing in detail, please contact us.