The future digital office ecosystem: How your employees’ productivity can thrive anywhere with a cloud document management solution

Where a worker sits should not affect their ability to deliver 100% of their work. The “future of the office” will not rely on a physical office but more on the physical and digital flexibility of the worker and the tools they need to get work done. The physical office will still be necessary for some companies, such as manufacturers, but they will still need digital tools to remain agile and competitive. How can your company be prepared for now and beyond?

DocuWare’s cloud document management system is designed to support every employee, no matter their location. Authorized staff can access any document with any device from any location. They can store documents, kick off digital workflows, and act on documents – work keeps moving along without the limitations of a physical office. Your documents are in a secure cloud solution with regular cloud backups.

Discover the future of the office and how DocuWare can help you be prepared. See an introductory demo on DocuWare Cloud’s interface and key digital tools: mobile application, eforms, workflows and custom user access rights. 

Picture this for your company’s future office ecosystem:

  • A secure, central document pool for all documents regardless of source or format
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device productivity with instant access to information
  • Automated digital workflows to route and process documents across multiple departments
  • Recruiting and onboarding the best talent without geographical limitations
  • Heavily protecting your data against internal and external cyberattacks

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