Spring into stress-free audit prep! Be set up for audit management success TODAY

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Nicole Moody
Inside Sales Director

Nicole Moody has 10 years of audit management experience from accounting leadership roles with DocuWare. Now she equips companies of all sizes with document management and workflow solutions in order to streamline and automate key operational processes.

Successful audit preparation and delivery relies on the systems and processes you have in place before the audit even happens. Imagine all your company’s documents securely stored, organized and accessible in one location instead of wasting time digging through silos of information to retrieve paper documents, digital files and emails. When documents are safely archived, your company can protect itself against litigation, leaks and loss. Start enjoying stress-free audits by using a cloud document management solution.

With DocuWare, audit management has never been faster and more complete - you get a safe, secure home for critical business documents along with audit trails and easy document delivery tools.

Watch this introductory demo. Even if you're already using a different software, come check out DocuWare - it’s not a stand-alone solution! Even though your team may be distributed, DocuWare brings your company’s documents and processes together to keep work moving forward.

With DocuWare, you enjoy:

  1. Centralized document storage – all staff is required to index and store documents with the uniform, consistent criteria you set up.
  2. Version controls maintains documents’ integrities - record changes and store all previous versions.
  3. Audit trails on every document and digital workflow - know who has what document and actions taken.
  4. Simplified knowledge transfer - easily compile all relevant documents for a fiscal year and deliver to the auditor via a USB stick or email.
  5. Retention schedules provide automatic deletion or email notifications can be sent for review before deletion. No more outdated documents floating around. 

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