Don’t Fall Behind: Process Large Volumes of Documents with Automated Import and Data Capture Tools



Manual, stressful document management can now be streamlined with automated importing and intelligent data capturing tools.

If your company processes high volumes of any kind of documents per year, you understand the struggle to keep it all organized and make accessible to the right people at the right time.

Discover how to move away from physical document clutter and scattered digital silos.

Embrace the modern technology of DocuWare’s cloud-based digital document management: the best-fit solution for all organizational sizes and industry needs.

Picture this:

  • Configure documents to import automatically from monitored sources into one database
  • Presort, index, and store documents in one fell swoop with the use of barcodes
  • Create an accurately indexed, secure digital document system for your entire organization that is in sync with your other important applications
  • Access relevant documents within seconds using any index criteria in the office or on the road

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