Fortis Tune Up Series - No. 4 Update Archive Path Utility

By Joan Honig • Jul 10, 2015 2:49:00 PM

This series offers tips to help you keep your Fortis system running at top efficiency. We do not recommend that you move files manually in your Fortis installation. Doing so increases the possibility that files will not be in the location that the database points to. Best practices require using the Move Archive Utility. But if you have already moved files manually, the Update Archive Path Utility enables you to update the Archive Path for these files.

Update Archive Path Utility

Update_Archive_PathBecause a Fortis database contains pointers to the documents you've archived, you must update these database pointers whenever you move Archive files "manually" with a program or utility other than Fortis. When you run the update Archive Path Utility, Fortis automatically updates the database pointers for each of the directories you specify.

  1. In the database Administation Station, open the database whose Archive paths you want to update. Choose Update archive Path from the Tools menu. 
  2. Choose the original directory of the archived documents that you have manually moved under Original archive folder. 
  3. In the New Archive folder box, enter or navigate to the directory to which you have moved the archived documents. 
  4. Select Include subfolders check box if you want to update the subdirectories of the Archive directory as well.
  5. Click OK. Fortis updates the database tables containing the location information for the selected archive. 
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