Query Consolidation

By Joan Honig • Aug 12, 2015 9:08:00 PM

Group related searches into one Query to save time and increase efficiency. 

Put the Power of the Query to Work 

QueryConsolidation1Rather than creating multiple Queries prompting for a single piece of index information, create one Query that searches all of them. So for example, instead of having a Query for Invoices by Number, a Query for Invoices by Vendor, and a Query for Invoices by PO Number you could simply create a single Query called Invoices that provides input to search on all of those index fields.

  • Add lines to your Query for each field you’d like to search on
  • Use the AND continuation
  • QueryConsolidation2When you run the Query, you will be prompted to enter each piece of index information. You can enter only one, or a few, it’s not required that you provide data for each prompt to get results.
  • The Query will only perform the search on the index fields that you enter search criteria into.

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