Medical Practice/Surgery Center Moves Happily to DocuWare

By Joan Honig • Jun 7, 2016 3:56:16 PM

The first wave of customers is moving from Fortis to DocuWare. Jan Delnero from Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates/Atlantic Gastro SurgiCenter shares her thoughts on their successful migration.

iStock_000016868516Medium.jpgWe’re excited about the feedback we are receiving from customers who have made the switch from Fortis to DocuWare.  Jan Delnero, Business Administrator at Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates/Atlantic Gastro SurgiCenter shares her thoughts on the migration and her perspective as a new DocuWare user in her comments below.

“Because we still had access to Fortis while they were installing DocuWare and moving everything over, the process was not an inconvenience for us. Making the switch didn’t require days of training. It took about 20-30 minutes of remote training for each person to learn how to use DocuWare. It’s easier to scan, index and look things up in DocuWare, so my staff was really happy and receptive to the change.

Having the Smart Connect button embedded in our medical management system is one of the best new features for us. You can just click the button and the patient’s chart immediately comes up

We also like being able to split the screen to do multiple searches. It helps communications between our surgery center and the gastroenterology medical practice. If a patient is coming into the office for a follow up appointment after a procedure was done. Our staff pulls up the records in the practice section database and at the same time they pull up the procedure in surgery center records. They can work with both records directly in front of them.

DocuWare is just a very easy system to get around in. I have to say it’s a much faster system. The migration went very well. I’m going to give you an A+. Everyone involved did a super job. And of course I can’t say enough about Jay Shore, from our Authorized DocuWare Partner MTS. He’s been with us since we started using Fortis so he really understands our needs.”

While Fortis and FortisBlue will be supported through the end of 2017, if you haven’t had a discussion about migration to DocuWare with your Authorized DocuWare Partner or with DocuWare Professional Services now’s a great time. For more information contact your Partner or


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