DocuWare User Conference 2018

Register for the conference and once you are at the event, attend the below listed courses that best fit your needs. No advance course selection is necessary.

We organized the sessions based on a typical attendee’s use of DocuWare. They are based on subject matter however you can attend courses based on what your interest is.

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Technical sessions

Back to Boot Camp: 
Learn Basic DocuWare Administration & Security

Whether you are new to DocuWare or a seasoned professional, this session will cover the fundamentals of defining and building a file cabinet, establishing roles and groups, understanding functions profiles, assigning permissions, as well as developing search and store dialogs, views and stamps.

Who should attend? Business process owners, department managers, IT specialists and DocuWare System Administrators

Faster, Stronger, Better:
Learn Advanced DocuWare Operating System and Server Maintenance

With some advanced administration know-how, you can confidently maintain your DocuWare system and minimize interruptions. This 90-minute session will provide deeper insight on DocuWare version upgrading, common operating system and server errors, and the technical support FAQs.

Who should attend? IT Specialists and DocuWare System Administrators, Department Managers

The Best Direction is Up:
Learn Best Practices in Scaling Your DocuWare System for Business Growth

Growth is a good thing but managing it correctly is critical. This 90-minute session will cover how to scale a complete DocuWare system, including required server specifications, failover guidelines and load-balancing architecture. Keep the whole business running when you confidently protect sensitive information, minimize downtime and implement robust disaster recovery measures.

Who should attend? IT Specialists and DocuWare System Administrators

Full Speed Ahead:
Advanced Workflow Customization for Complex Tasks

This class is for everyone to check out the endless possibilities of process automation; no prerequisite required. Learn how to use external data sources and arithmetic expressions to design and maintain complex workflows. Review the extensive possibilities of web services and how to get the most out of your system by combining your workflows with other DocuWare modules. We'll show you when it makes sense to use complex workflows vs. simple workflows.

Who should attend? Business process owners, IT professionals and DocuWare System Administrators


Non-technical sessions

Connected Content is Happy Content:
Learn How to Integrate DocuWare with Other Systems

Information is most useful when it’s in the right place and accessible by the right people; conversely, information is useless when no one can see it. Don’t let disconnected content hold your team back — tie your systems together for better decision-making and customer service.

This 90-minute session will teach you how to use DocuWare's numerous integration methods to connect your systems and information. Learn:

  • How to use Smart Connect to instantly access your DocuWare file cabinets directly from within their key applications. (And just as cool, also learn how to store documents to DocuWare from within those key applications.)
  • How to securely archive and index email, meet compliance standards when handling email communications, and then provide access to team members, auditors and others.
  • How to "print" documents from any application right into DocuWare.
  • How to set up pre-configurations for storing scanned and electronically captured documents.

Who should attend? Business process owners, department managers, DocuWare Users of all experience levels and system administrators.

Secrets of the Jedi Masters:
Learn Inside Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for Full-Speed Business

No one likes the slow lane. Like all good things made in Germany, DocuWare is built for efficiency, and this 90-minute session will teach you how to add rocket fuel to your daily productivity. Learn:

  • The shortcuts, tricks and UI optimizations for the most frequently used DocuWare features.
  • How to rapidly navigate when searching, storing and retrieving documents.
  • How to get the most from edit and viewing tools and use version control for better document integrity.
  • How to communicate with colleagues right inside DocuWare without ever using email.

Who should attend? DocuWare Users of all experience levels

All Fields Are Required:
Learn Everything You Need to Create Modern Web Forms

Forms are the de facto engagement interface of our modern digital world. In DocuWare, they're not only used for collecting information, but for kicking off automated tasks and workflow. The good news: DocuWare Forms are dead-simple to create and manage.

This 90-minute session will teach you everything you need to know about creating functional, effective and beautiful web forms. Learn:

  • How to create a basic, functional web form with zero programming.
  • How to add different inputs like text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, calendar inputs, file uploads and more -- and decide which ones are required.
  • How to control the layout for better information clarity and user experience.
  • How to publish your forms for the world to use.

This session is a pre-requisite for "Automation for the People: Learn How to Build Workflows with Task Assignment and Automation."

Who should attend? Business process owners, department managers, DocuWare Users of all experience levels, IT professionals and system administrators.

Automation for the People:
Learn How to Build Workflows with Task Assignment and Automation

Knowing what information you have and where to access it is the first victory in digital transformation. But using it -- for collaboration, decision-making and customer service -- is the second part of the equation. Workflow and automation make that possible.

This 90-minute session will teach you to use DocuWare's workflow, automation and task assignment features to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Learn:

  • How to design a workflow with a simple drag'n'drop interface.
  • How to use your web form to kick-off workflow and send information to key staff members.
  • How to use different triggers and parameters to automate where information goes.
  • How to assign tasks and email reminders.

Pre-requisite: "All Fields Are Required: Learn Everything You Need to Create Modern Web Forms"

Who should attend? Business process owners, department managers and DocuWare Users of all experience levels.

Dual courses

Integrate DocuWare into Line-of-business Applications

DocuWare is built to play well in the sand box with other third-party applications. Learn how to use standard DocuWare modules and features to link documents and data to the systems you use every day.

Change Management

From our thousands of successful deployments, learn best practices for making the digital transformation with your team and garner buy-in from users to make your project a success. 



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What’s included?
Participation at training sessions and Winner's Circle Showcase
Meals: Dinner (Monday), Breakfast and Lunch (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Registration fee
$599.00 per person Early Bird Special (if registered by September 21). $699.00 per person afterward. This per person fee applies to any number of registrants per company.

Cancellation policy
You may cancel your registration at no charge up until October 1. Between October 2 and December 3, 50% of the registration fee is refundable. In case of a no-show without cancellation, registration fees are non-refundable.