DocuWorld Americas 2019

Below you will find the re-certification training course descriptions.

If you have both a DAC and DSC certification, by attending the 3 days of sales or technical trainings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (May 7-9), you automatically receive both certifications.

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Sales (DAC) training

The Sales (DAC) Training will offer many different topics so you can build your own agenda. All courses have multiple time slots so there is no need to select them in advance; register just once for the DAC training and simply attend the courses you wish to at the conference.

Increasing Profitability

Profits are up! Ensure customer retention and annual recurring support revenue streams. Learn best practices of successful DocuWare partners in maximizing software and services profitability across both new and expansion sales.
Instructors: Dean Hillery & Terry Aurre

Low Hanging Fruit is Sweet - Extension Business / On-Premises to Cloud

DocuWare partners have implemented solutions in over 12,000 customers around the globe. While many of them use it to run their business every day, others are only doing simple storage and retrieval missing out on the full capabilities of DocuWare. Not leveraging DocuWare across multiple departments is another missed optimization. This represents a huge opportunity for you. By proactively engaging with your current customer base to add additional modules to on-premises systems or moving them to the cloud, you can expand your stickiness and drive sales.
Instructor: Mark Michonski

Successful DAC Leadership – Tips to Engaging your Sales Reps

Be a successful sales leader. Discover proven techniques of successful DocuWare Application Consultants (DAC) who motivate and energize general sales reps to be focused on software selling. Create mind share by equipping them with simple discovery questions, fun mobile demos, and just enough DocuWare exposure to get them comfortable speaking about the benefits of a solution. For example, you can expose them to DocuWare by adding a Smart Connect button in their CRM; they can easily learn how to, with one click, manage their lease contracts – and just like that, they are using document management software – it doesn’t have to be hard. In addition, we’ll cover how to host effective customer and prospect events such as a Lunch & Learn, open house, and technology showcase… all create leads for your pipeline.
Instructors: Mike Leonard

How to Prospect and Sell DocuWare Vertically

katekingstonThis session is built for any company that is tasked to increase their market share in 2019 and beyond. The best way to grow is with a vertical-researched, C-level prospecting approach. Learn the different skill sets, terminology, and activities needed - by managers and sales reps - to reach and sell to the right level (C-level) decision makers. You will receive email, talk track templates and worksheets for 6 verticals that you can bring back to your dealership to use immediately to increase net new meetings, proposals, and more DocuWare sales. 
Instructors: Kate Kingston, President, Kingston Training Group

Debunking the “Six Months” Myth - Consultative vs. Prescriptive Sales

A shorter sales cycle makes everyone happy. Get an understanding of what a prescriptive sale is and learn how to use this approach for more than just DocuWare preconfigured solutions. See how to speed up the sales process and remove a prospect’s “paralysis by analysis” when considering the purchase of a content services (or ECM, or document management, or…whatever the current buzzword is today) solution.
Instructor: Scott Lewis

Tired of Demoing Peters Engineering? Blow Their Minds with Workflow and Forms!

Set your prospects on fire with customized demos!
Make your shell your own with unique tips and tricks!
Advanced strategies for workflow and forms demos!
With the DocuWare Version 7.1 rollout, there are many new features that will be highlighted in this presentation. Simple tricks to mastering customized demos to blow away the competition utilizing only DocuWare built-in capabilities. Taking advantage of the easy-to-use DocuWare Workflow and Forms configurators allows you to knock out the competition.
Instructors: Caleb Wolfe & Alex Solliday

Doctor DocuWare, Do I Need a Prescription?

As it turns out, many companies need just that, a prescription for a common ailment: how to painlessly process and pay an invoice. According to the American Productivity & Quality Center, organizations pay up to $12.50 to process an invoice. Delays and headaches are not surprising when you consider the stream of different formatted invoices and far too much manual input. Take a fresh approach for yourself and your sales reps to eradicate this problem; increase your pipeline and close deals more quickly. This session will showcase how to position and sell a pre-configured, cloud-based solution that is fast to install and easy to use.
Instructors:  Nate Rowles & Froy Perez

The Art of the Demo

The demo is in the eye of the beholder; give your prospect an aha moment! Just as an artist has many colors to choose from to create a masterpiece, DocuWare gives you a lot of features to create a perfect demo but do you know which ones increase your closing ratio? Watch a DocuWare Senior Sales Director show you how to demonstrate the most impactful features to engage your audience to help close deals.
Instructors: Michael Gale & David Reinert

Crash Course on Successful Marketing and a Message from Finance and Administration

Whether you are a brand-new ADP or have been with us for years, this session will give you a fresh look at how to maximize your results using our proven sales tools. We are pleased to have Roger Jung join this session to show the new Evolved Office lead generation program platform and lead-scoring system.

We’ll be covering topics such as:

  • How to calculate the addition of named client licenses to an existing contract
  • How personnel changes affect your Partnership status
  • Cloud trial creation
  • Navigating the Partner Portal
  • Navigating our website
  • How to easily find our sales and marketing materials
  • Lead generation program that includes a dashboard and lead scoring
  • And more
Instructors: Nicole Moody,  DocuWare Marketing Team, and Roger Jung, VP of Sales, Evolved Office

Sell Outside the Box – How to Use Software to Help Increase Hardware Sales

Amp up your copier dealer growth by presenting your customers with modern document management solutions. Now’s the opportune time to add these solutions to your portfolio: according to an AIIM report, the top three biggest business drivers for companies today are improving efficiency, optimizing business processes, and meeting compliance – all which can be solved with DocuWare. Learn how to pivot the sales conversation to software, overcome common challenges, achieve higher margins, and become a trusted solution advisor for years to come. Sometimes to sell copiers, you need to get out of the copier business!
Instructors: Justin Espinosa

Speak Their Language – Putting the Human Back in Human Resources

Become an HR solution expert and win new deals fast by selling DocuWare for Employee Management. This cloud-only, preconfigured HR solution cuts implementation time to just days and solves the real needs and challenges that HR departments face every day. Your customers/prospects will enjoy ready-to-go digital workflows and forms for applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and more. Learn the ins and outs of the solution and how to close opportunities quickly with proven sales & marketing materials.
Instructors: Rich Moss & Tim Stevens

How to Sell in Competitive Situations

Don’t be like the rest... BE THE BEST!
To be a winner in today’s competitive landscape, you need to have a distinct advantage against your competition. Set the bar high to stand out and leave a lasting impression. You will learn concepts to help you compete, common reasons why competitive sales are lost, and tips & tricks to set yourself apart. If you want to stop losing to your competitors and start making more money, this class is for you.
Instructor: Chris Scalera

The Perfect Client Presentation

To capture your prospects from the get go and keep their attention, you need to create straightforward, honest, and compelling presentations. Learn how to turn your discovery knowledge into powerful, relatable stories, complete with ROI, that move them from prospect to customer. Attendees need to bring their best client presentation to show and discuss. See what works, what doesn’t and walk away with the best practices strategies. In the words of football coach Vince Lombardi: “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”
Instructors: John Keenan & Shamarr Fonville


Technical (DSC) training

The Technical (DSC) Training will cover key topics related to our latest version release. By registering just once for the DSC Training, you will automatically be registered to receive a comprehensive training covering all subject matter.

Cloud (Advanced/Integration)

This session will cover the tools provided by DocuWare to integrate business processes in to DocuWare Cloud. DocuWare Printer, Import, FTP, Local Data Connector, and AutoIndex are among the topics to be discussed.
Instructor:  Phil Robson

What’s New in DocuWare Version 7.1

Get an understanding of the new features and functionality in our latest version of DocuWare, Version 7.1. It’s a must for supporting your customers.
Instructor: Maria Holden

Troubleshooting in DocuWare Version 7

With some advanced administration know-how, you can confidently maintain a DocuWare system and minimize interruptions. This session will provide deeper insight on upgrading, common operating system and server errors, and the technical support FAQs.
Instructors: Maria Holden & Phil Robson

Technical Training Forms and Workflow

Knowing what information you have and where to access it is the first victory in digital transformation. But using it -- for collaboration, decision-making and customer service -- is the second part of the equation. Form and workflow automation make that possible. DocuWare Forms are not only used for collecting information, but for kicking off automated tasks and workflow. This session will teach you everything you need to know about creating functional, effective and beautiful web forms as well as how to use them effectively with DocuWare Workflow.
Instructor:  Stefan Schindler

Advanced DocuWare Kinetic Solutions (Technical)

Since the DocuWare Kinetic Solutions were released last year, we’ve had great feedback and have now made improvements based on your suggestions. This session will review the configuration and implementation of a DocuWare Kinetic Solution as well as identifying recent changes and improvements to the processes.
Instructor:  Bob Mutarelli

Advanced Workflow

This session is aimed at users who are looking to move past the basics and leverage the true power of the DocuWare Workflow module. You will learn when it makes sense to use simple vs. complex workflows and how to use arithmetic expressions and VBA methods to manipulate data. Find out how you can take advantage of external data sources to expose new and exciting possibilities. Explore the new features of DocuWare 7.1 such as decision-based input validations and interaction with DocuWare Forms. Lastly, learn a bit about web services and how they work with the workflow module and how they fit in.
Instructor:  James Steiner



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What’s included?

  • Participation at all general session and re-certification training sessions
  • Breakfast (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Lunch (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Dinner (Tuesday, Wednesday) – Diamond Club Members only are entitled to bring a dinner guest