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Connect to SharePoint

Securely archive, index, search and apply workflow to any SharePoint document within DocuWare for smarter, integrated, compliant business automation.

Long-term revision-proof storage of documents

Revision-proof archiving: Two clicks are all it takes to save documents securely from SharePoint in DocuWare. You have the choice to copy or move the document or to keep a link in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint enables people to collaborate on numerous projects, publish information, search data and exchange ideas. This produces a flood of business documents for which legal regulations apply.

When archived in DocuWare, your documents are audit-proof. DocuWare provides:

  • Protection against manipulation. Documents are protected against unauthorized access by an extensive rights system.
  • Availability. Authorized employees can access their documents at any time.
  • Long-term storage. Store large quantities of documents as PDF or in their original format and automatically remove them after a defined retention period.
  • Compliance. Meet privacy requirements, auditing standards and more.
  • Improve performance. Outsource documents from SharePoint and reduce the load on the SharePoint Server.

Archive documents in DocuWare — directly from SharePoint

DocuWare integrates seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint as its own Records Center, becoming part of the native SharePoint experience as a storage location for documents.

Employees don't have to leave SharePoint to store or search for documents, keeping them productive within their core application.

New business process opportunities

The moment a document is stored within DocuWare, a whole new digital workflow can initiate, complete with tamper-proof audit trail, email notifications, and more. This gives content created in SharePoint an opportunity to fulfill key processes outside of SharePoint — but with zero manual searching, emailing and routing.

DocuWare can also collect SharePoint and other documents into a secure, self-containing file cabinet for tax auditors and other service providers.


Store rule-based

Use custom actions to archive documents to DocuWare and, if desired, delete them from SharePoint.


Store manually

Store individual documents directly in DocuWare using the SharePoint command.


One search for all

Search within SharePoint and simultaneously see a results list from DocuWare.


Automatically indexed

Automatically index each document archived from SharePoint for more accurate search.

Availability and more information


Connect to SharePoint is available as an add-on module for a DocuWare on-premises system. Try also more key modules like Workflow Manager, DocuWare Forms or Connect to Outlook.

More information

Learn more about Connect to SharePoint and other integration options with DocuWare, your enterprise software and IT infrastructure in the White Paper Integration.

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