DocuWare Certified Product

StapleWare Image Retrieval

StapleWare® Image Retrieval is designed to integrate the DocuWare client with any software application. Simply highlight text in the program and press an assigned function key to access documents that have been stored in a DocuWare file cabinet. The function keys are assigned specific functions within the Image Retrieval configuration tool. The configuration tool assigns a field within a file cabinet. When the function key is pressed the highlighted text is used as search criteria.

The described certified product is from a third-party vendor and is not included in DocuWare's functionality. If you are interested, please refer directly to the following contact:

Certified with

StapleWare Image Retrieval Version: 1.9.9

DocuWare Version: 5.1

Company Information

J&H Office Equipment, Inc. 

Tom Plumb

406 586 3103