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Case Study: Education

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School District streamlines and automates hiring and shares files electronically between 31 campuses. Staff can now focus on their core mission of educating and helping students.

Independent School District 196 is a state and nationally recognized K-12 public school district with a main office in Rosemount, Minnesota. The district serves more than 28,000 students and is one of the area’s largest employers.  

DocuWare successfully automates the hiring process  

By implementing DocuWare, the district eliminated paper applicant files and the administrative headaches they caused. Principals and hiring supervisors no longer visit the district office to review resumes and then check them out manually. They use DocuWare’s online search capabilities and review applicant files from their offices or at home using the solution’s Mobile app.  “It is really easy for a principal to fill a position now. They don’t have to spend hours sorting through paper,” explains Tom Voigt, Information System Coordinator for District 196. “With DocuWare they can search for a teacher licensed to teach elementary school or quickly review the résumés based their years of experience in order to meet budget needs. DocuWare hasn’t saved us time just on the district administration level, its efficiencies impact every school.”  DocuWare enables more than one supervisor to look at the same resumes allowing for faster reviews and candidate selection. The right person is matched to the right position and not "missed” because their resume is being reviewed by someone else. Because of the self-service DocuWare applicant database, HR staff operates more efficiently and can focus on their core responsibilities rather than spending 10-12 hours per week on filing. 

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It is really easy for a principal to fill a position now. They don’t have to spend hours sorting through paper. Many of them access the resumes from home.

Tom Voigt
Information System Coordinator

Eliminating paper-based HR files saves time and improves security 

Automating the hiring process was such a success that the HR department decided to maintain employee files in electronic form as well. This enabled the HR department to improve the security of confidential employee information, thanks to DocuWare’s security features. With DocuWare's automatically enforced retention schedules, HR staff can always comply with governmental and internal regulations. “Our employee files are now accessible to everyone simultaneously. This is the best thing DocuWare has done for us. We used to spend 20 minutes or more looking for a file within the department,” says Suzy Klein, secretary to the director of Human Resources. “The file was usually on someone’s desk. If they were in a meeting, we would have to wait to retrieve the file. We don’t have to refile or wait any more. It’s great.” To further reduce the time HR staff spends on document retrieval, the district set up a terminal that employees use to review their own records. 

DocuWare is expanded to other departments 

By removing filing cabinets, the district office gained additional office space and eliminated the cost of archiving paper documents in a secure facility.  The district also realized significant savings on recruitment costs. 

The use of DocuWare is expanding throughout the district. Today it securely stores student records and transcripts, special education records, board of education records, as well as the payroll and facilities departments.  



DocuWare hasn’t saved time just on the district administration level, its efficiencies impact every school.

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