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Case Study: Non-profit

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With nine locations throughout New York State, Family Enrichment Network provides supportive services to families requiring special attention.

Family Enrichment Network provides supportive services to parents and children in need of special attention, early intervention or other help. The non-profit organization offers a variety of support including classes, counseling, a housing program, healthcare consultations, help with food stamp applications, as well as food and nutrition outreach programs, among others. The program currently has 505 children enrolled in its Head Start program, which provides preschoolers with early learning experiences for optimal development, and 47 children in Special Education Integrated Classrooms.  

Implementing an efficient solution 

Prior to DocuWare, Family Enrichment Network’s teachers kept track of student attendance and classroom safety by filling out paper forms. Keeping attendance is crucial for the nonprofit, which is reimbursed based on the number of students enrolled. Paper record-keeping was cumbersome and unreliable - forms were lost or submitted late, resulting in delayed payments. “One year, a special education teacher forgot to submit attendance for the month of June and went home for the summer,” says Eric Bosworth, the organization’s Information Technology Director. “So we couldn't get the money for two months.” In 2017, the non-profit’s executive director decided to go paperless. “The next thing I knew I was installing DocuWare,” Bosworth says.  

Purchasing |Accounts Payable

Before DocuWare, our remote sites could submit a purchase order only when someone physically went there. They had to wait for the person to come in and sign the form. Now it’s instantaneous! They send the form electronically and it starts the approval process.

Eric Bosworth
IT Director

Cutting down on paper 

Installing DocuWare allowed the non-profit to meet its goal of cutting down paper use. “We no longer print direct deposit pay stubs, we just keep them in DocuWare,” Bosworth says. “We used to print them and stuff them into envelopes to give out to employees—and we stopped. That saves a ream of paper every two weeks.” It also saves the payroll person half a day of work, he adds. Keeping track of classroom safety forms also became easier. Prior to DocuWare, teachers used spreadsheets to keep classroom safety records, which they emailed to a person in charge, who would have them manually copied and pasted them into one master spreadsheet. “Now we manage spreadsheets electronically,” Bosworth says. “It certainly cut down on the workload of copy-pasting from all the spreadsheets into one.”  

 Staying connected and staying green 

Several Family Enrichment Network’s sites are setup in remote locations. Prior to implementing DocuWare, this often resulted in delays. “Our remote sites could submit purchase orders only when someone went there to sign it,” Bosworth explains. That usually happened once a week, so people had to wait. “Now it’s instantaneous! They can fill it out anytime and it goes in for approval.” Bosworth says. Another benefit of using DocuWare was the ability to implement remote Employee Daily Health Check forms for the post-lockdown reopening. All employees fill out the form remotely before reporting to work, noting their health status and symptoms, if any. In addition to convenience, this was another opportunity to save resources, and stay green Bosworth says. “If we were doing our Employee Daily Health Checks on paper forms, we’d be killing a lot of trees!” 






Our purchasers took a long time to sort through invoices and verify if products were received before paying. Now invoices are routed to the right people and the system integration lets us know if the product has been received. DocuWare’s process is a lot cleaner!

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