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Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps offer a variety of exercise programs to clients in the Chicago area. They also provide nutritional counseling and tracking of client progress, to ensure support throughout the entire weight loss journey.

Paper system is a barrier to success 

Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps provides nutritional counseling and exercise programs to clients within the Chicago metropolitan area. The company offers a six-week workout program at seven different locations. A kickoff event is held every six weeks, with 50 to 70 attendees at each location. Before implementing DocuWare, attendees interested in the program would fill out paper forms. Some people felt uncomfortable entering credit card information on paper. Others left important fields blank or their writing was illegible, which required employees to follow up for info. This caused delays and presented barriers to converting event attendees to clients.  Additionally, staff kept track of weigh-in numbers, supplement orders and referral bonuses on paper. Employees worked long hours to input data into the company’s ERP system. This extra effort cost about $3,000 per event. 


Service Provider
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We no longer have to spend $3,000 per event on inputting data. Invoices are processed timely, improving cash flow. The thousands of dollars previously spent on additional work hours for employees who organized and reviewed documents can now be used to grow the business.

Jackie Clark-Edwards

DocuWare improves client enrollment and customer service 

After installing DocuWare, Fat Loss Camps switched to e-forms that use required fields to guarantee all necessary information is entered. Now, clients enroll on their mobile devices via easy-to-navigate forms with customized drop-down menus. The forms also use conditional logic, providing customization, depending on clients’ answers. Once gathered, the information from e-forms, is merged into a single line of data, reducing follow up calls from 500 to 50 per six-week program and allowing faster, more efficient client enrollment. Once clients are enrolled, the Fat Loss Camps’ staff can access consistent information, run quick searches and make updates with the click of a mouse. Instead of chasing information, the team can focus on engaging with clients and trainers.  

“One of our most important goals is to improve the customer experience,” CEO Jackie Clark-Edwards explains. “That’s critical because referrals account for 80 percent of new business.” 


 Saving money and streamlining business transactions 

DocuWare also tracks referrals and orders placed for supplements, t-shirts etc. Instead of using separate paper files for each order type and tracking progress in Excel, staffers update everything digitally, reducing errors and fulfilling orders faster. With approximately 250 members purchasing items during each six-week cycle, the invoicing process is quicker and this led to improved cash flow. Before DocuWare, each Fat Loss Camps location used approximately 25,000 pieces of paper per year. Now employees no longer have to search papers and sort through file boxes. Going digital saved Fat Loss Camps $500 a month on supplies.  


Preparing for growth 

With DocuWare in place, Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps can grow to its full potential. The company has already transferred data from 3,500 clients along with  tens of thousands of pages of paper from previous programs into the digital database. The thousands of dollars previously spent on additional work hours for employees who organized and reviewed documents can now be used to grow the business. “Instead of searching through 10,000 pieces of paper, we can press a button and quickly get information on our clients,” says Clark-Edwards. "I have a lot more time to spend with my husband and children.” 







DocuWare allowed us to improve our customer experience. That’s critical because referrals account for 80 percent of our new business.

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