Your Software Review Puts New ECM Buyers in the Know


Software buyers are taking a lead from their own experiences as consumers and checking out online reviews before they make work-related purchases. You can help others make an educated decision by reviewing DocuWare on a software review platform.


Consulting peer reviews is increasingly becoming a standard go-to strategy when companies begin the software selection process. It’s a relatively new phenomenon but one that has quickly gained momentum.

If you would like to share your experience, you can review DocuWare on G2 Crowd, Capterra, or Peer Insights. It takes about five to ten minutes, and both G2 Crowd and Capterra offer a small gift voucher incentive for completing a review.

Not sure what to write about? Prospective users are most interested in:

  • Your experiences with implementation
  • Specific features you love
  • Efficiencies you’ve achieved, especially if you’ve collected ROI data
  • The ongoing support you’ve received from your DocuWare Partner and other members of the DocuWare team

By considering your perspective, your counterparts at other organizations will get a deeper understanding of DocuWare and be better able to select the solution that’s the best fit for them.



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