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Working Efficiently…Even Without Documents

create_data_recordAt DocuWare, everything is all about  – you guessed it – documents. But did you realize that you can work effectively with DocuWare, even before a single document has been registered in the system? All you have to do is to make a database entry. This will then make it easier to set up indexing for documents or act as a placeholder for workflows.

By making a database entry, you can comfortably set up select lists, without having to first switch into a configuration interface. Select lists serve up choices for indexing, which can be chosen with a mouse click. Documents can then be stored in a structured way, which makes them easier to retrieve. Select lists can also build on one another, so that choices are limited to certain entries.

In order to create a select list via database entry, click on any basket in an open area. The storage button will then switch to „Create data record“:













Click on "Create data record" and enter the terms into the familiar storage window which you’d like to make available as your choices. You may enter as many as you like and can start using them for indexing as soon as they are saved.

Easier Workflows Thanks to Placeholders

But database entries are not just handy for setting up select lists. They are also great placeholders for future documents. You simply generate an entry as described above and provide it with the index terms you’d be using for a document which has not yet been stored. Now the entry can be incorporated into a workflow or used as a file for a process or transaction. Once the document has been scanned or imported later, it’s simple to take it per drag & drop from the basket and merge it with the existing database record. You simply drag the document onto the list with the entry and let it “fall.” DocuWare takes care of the rest!