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Workflow Manager: Documents Sent Automatically via Email

Dokument-an-E_Mail_ENWith DocuWare Workflow Manager, you can streamline document-based processes in your organization and ensure that all tasks are carried out quickly and on time. It can often be very useful to send out documents by email automatically at the end of a business process.
Let’s say you create an invoice, for example, and store it in your electronic file cabinet by using DocuWare Printer. As a result, a workflow is triggered, which requires that an employee does a final check on the invoice. After the invoice has been authorized, it can be automatically sent out to your customer.

Or if you have external staff members, who every now and then have to check invoices, but don't have access to your DocuWare file cabinet. With the Workflow Designer, you can set it up that these invoices are directly attached to an email:












This keeps everything transparent for staff, no matter where they are. This can be set up by adding a link to the documents kept in the company’s electronic file cabinet that is contained in the subject line of your email or as part of the email’s contents. The main benefit: it’s a great time saver. By being able to access this information directly via email really simplifies and speeds up a workflow.