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Video Tutorial: Storing Documents While Printing

Video_Printing and StoringCompanies generate numerous documents on a daily basis. Some go to their customers, others to their suppliers. Many documents are printed as duplicates – one leaves the company, while the other needs to be tediously filed away. With DocuWare, you’ll always keep an eye on all this correspondence, since it’s a quick matter to store documents at exactly the same time that you are printing out a copy for a customer. Have a look at one of our quick tutorial videos to see for yourself.

Two videos explain in minutes how to store documents while printing:

• For documents with a repeating structure (such as proposals, delivery slips or outgoing A/R invoices), this can be set up in DocuWare Printer to be handled completely automatically. To video Configuring Your DocuWare Printer to File Your Documents as You Print Them

• Another option is to use “Intelligent Indexing,“ our web-based service, to automatically index documents after printing. To video Using the Intelligent Indexing Service to Store Documents as You Print Them

More Videos for Using DocuWare

On our Youtubechannel or website you’ll find out in minutes how to effectively use DocuWare in your company. The videos are organized by typical application areas.

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