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Video Tutorial: Finding documents – any time, world-wide

Video_Search_and_findSound familiar? You just spent precious time searching for a certain document. It’s not always easy, since documents are often stored in different spots, across multiple offices, even in different locations. With DocuWare, this is no longer a problem! Have a look at our Tutorials, for some quick ways to retrieve documents – whether you are using DocuWare Client, launching directly from Outlook or searching via Smartphone:


1. Instant Access to All Your Digital Documents

With DocuWare, all your business documents are at your fingertips. Documents in DocuWare are all organized with index terms, making it quick to search and retrieve them.


2. Using the DocuWare App to Maximize Your Mobility

You can take your documents with you via Smartphone. DocuWare‘s Mobile App can be used across multiple mobile devices. Your documents are only a touchscreen swipe away.


3. Retrieving all your Emails – in Outlook and DocuWare

Every email can be quickly located, even after years. Use DocuWare’s interface or your familiar Outlook environment to access them.


Topics: Mobile Workforce, Support & Training, Email Management, Search & Find


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