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Stamping – Made Quicker and More Efficient

stamp_headerAuthorization processes, reviews, comments and much more can be implemented easily and intuitively with the flexible stamping features found in DocuWare. With a few smart steps, you can further accelerate your workflows with stamps.

Stamps in the viewer can be easily selected from the header or tool bar. But if you plan on stamping a large number of documents, or applying a stamp multiple times within a document, then it can become a bit tedious to keep selecting the stamp in this manner.

As an option, DocuWare lets you keep a stamp active after selection. With one click, you can then add the stamp to a document as often as needed. This is especially handy when, for example, a longer list of items needs to be checked off on a delivery note or invoice - as shown in the screenshot:


























But a stamp can do even more. If you need to check through a long list of orders and authorize their payment, you can activate the stamp to be used on multiple documents. You open the first order, select the stamp and place it on the document. This will then disappear automatically from your task list before the next order opens. With a single click, this can be authorized and the next order will open. This process is repeated for all the orders in your list.

There’s no faster or more efficient way to work through your document pile. You can find the stamp settings within DocuWare Administration under "Organisation > General> Stampsl > General > Store stamps.




Stamp settings in DocuWare Administration