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Now Available – DocuWare Version 6.11

What's new in DocuWare Version 6.11Take full advantage of this new version’s simplified email management: Connect to Outlook has been retooled, enhanced with new features to make it easier to use and configure. Workflow Manager now offers even more for smooth processes. But of course, that’s not all.

Some key new features of DocuWare version 6.11…

Email Management

Connect to Outlook was completely redesigned: configurations can now be created directly out of Outlook, which is particularly handy for monitoring specific folders. You can also use subfolders and transfer folder names as index terms:

Connect to Outlook was completely redesigned

Connect to Mail is now more user-friendly: connections to mail servers are created throughout an organization and mail server settings are automatically integrated.


Workflow Manager now provides more support for faster process execution. You can explain tasks by adding a descriptive text as well as put links in the background, which can be used to connect to third-party applications. Workflows can now also be launched at pre-defined times.
In addition, when documents are queried from DocuWare client, it will immediately show if an employee is absent - thus no request remains unanswered.


Basket configuration was completely redesigned for clarity. For Intelligent Indexing, you just pick a particular store dialog, which is only configured once. This simplifies the creation of baskets and guarantees that the automatic indexing remains consistent throughout the company.

Basket configuration was completely redesigned for clarity.

Email Notifications

Defining and subscribing to notifications is now grouped into one configuration. You can also determine what rights a user can have for notifications.

Technology + Ease of Use

Simple, intuitive use of DocuWare - both in its core application as well as system configuration – is a main goal of the company. This was the spirit behind the modifications made to the module configurations mentioned above. They were also converted from Silverlight to HTML5, so that they can be used in more browsers.

There are also new features in Web client, DocuWare Forms, and other components. For specifics and benefit descriptions, head to "What's new in DocuWare".

To update to DocuWare version 6.11, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They can inform and advise you about all new possibilities as well as various update options for your specific version of DocuWare.

Customers of DocuWare Cloud automatically benefit from the new version: the update has already been introduced centrally into the cloud system.