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Integration Made Easy: DocuWare Lists in Microsoft Outlook

DocuWare offers a wide range of integration options – and you rarely need any special programming knowledge to take advantage of them. For example, anyone can integrate DocuWare lists right into their Microsoft email client in about five minutes. Here’s how...


In many cases, Microsoft Outlook is the go-to application for the workplace. By integrating DocuWare lists right in Outlook, employees can not only view their email and calendar, but also a list of any documents waiting to be processed.

Integrating lists in Outlook is super quick – no additional module or special IT knowledge required.

  • Start by creating a new shortcut in Microsoft Outlook and naming it "DocuWare Lists."
  • Open the desired list in DocuWare. Move the mouse over the list tab so that the shortcut icon appears. Drag this to the new shortcut area in Outlook.

  • Initially, the URL of the list is used as the shortcut name. For clarity you can give the shortcut a more descriptive name.
    Embed lists in Outlook Header

Overview of integration options in White Paper Integration

Integration does not necessarily mean complex programming. Another example for a simple integration is to add archiving functionality via button into an accounting program, which can be used to automatically find copies of orders or received invoices in a file cabinet. Index data from invoices can be exchanged with the data from a CRM or ERP to keep the databases synchronized or to trigger company-wide workflows automatically.

If these and other integrations are also of interest to your organization, check out the updated White Paper Integration.


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