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Sound familiar? You work with software that’s a little awkward, spend your time looking for missing features? At DocuWare, we want to make sure the user doesn’t have to grapple with these problems and has a great experience using our software. That’s why we need your feedback!

Our goal is to make sure that DocuWare works exactly like you want it to. Not only should DocuWare offer all the features you need, but it should be so easy to use that you can use it intuitively and without assistance.

To achieve this, we regularly conduct product tests to gauge new concepts and features before they are released. Your feedback flows directly into our research and development.

Become a product tester and you can help tailor DocuWare to your needs. No need to have a lot of experience with DocuWare – everyone’s feedback helps! If you have other colleagues who work with DocuWare, please also let them know about our product tester program.


Types of Product Tests: 

Types of Product Tests


Here’s How it Works:

1. You register. (You can unsubscribe at any time!)
2. Once there is a product test that matches your profile, we will contact you.
3. You can decide if you want to participate.
4. You test the product.
5. Your feedback will be integrated into the development.
6. A new product/feature is launched!


Become A Product Tester


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