German Railroad Only Accepts Standardized Electronic Invoices

German Railroad Only Accepts Standardized Electronic InvoicesSuppliers of the main German railroad company are now requested to only send electronic invoices in compliance with the ZUGFeRD standard. The Deutsche Bahn (DB) Corporation published an information letter containing the requirements for electronic invoices and credit notes.

The Deutsche Bahn manages suppliers across all its divisions. To ensure consistent data quality for the entire corporation, the company only accepts electronic invoices and credit notes according to the ZUGFeRD standard.

For the e-invoices’ requirements, download the “Information letter for the Electronic Submission of Invoices, Credit Notes and Dunning Letters to selected Deutsche Bahn Entities in Germany”. Not all divisions are able to process electronic invoices at this time, therefore, latecomers are listed separately in the document.

Learn more about Sending Invoices Electronically and making the switch with your own tools.

Photo credit: © Deutsche Bahn AG / Bartlomiej Banaszak

Topics: Accounting and Finance


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