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E-Invoicing in Europe: Updated Guide


A new version is available of a practical brochure providing a detailed look at the current requirements for creating and storing electronic invoices in various EU countries.

The English-language EU Compendium E-Invoicing & Retention provides comprehensive information regarding the minimum VAT requirements for e-invoices, setting up an electronic invoicing process, and the storage and retention needs for invoices.

Version 3.0 published in June 2018 not only gives detailed information on the existing VAT rules of the 21 European countries included. The new version also provides an overview of recent progress made in different countries for transposing the European E-Invoicing Directive 2014/55 / EU into national law.

In the second edition of the pamphlet, 22 countries were covered. Since then, Romania dropped out of consideration, so there are only 21 states left.

The EU Compendium, first published in April 2016, was created by the business law firm PSP - Peters, Schönberger & Partner under the direction of tax consultant Philipp Matheis. It is targeted to both system providers and users.


Topics: News, Accounting and Finance


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