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DocuWare lists in Outlook

Email, calendars, tasks - for many people, Outlook is the central application for all their work. By integrating your DocuWare lists there, you can always stay up-to-date with the documents that need tackling.

Sound familiar? You use lists in DocuWare to assign documents to colleagues for further processing, to route them for resubmission or as a way to compile key records – yet you spend most of your day working in Outlook? Then why not integrate your DocuWare lists right into Outlook?! This is done quickly, without special modules or IT knowledge. It also doesn’t matter whether your lists are set up centrally or if they are based on individual stored searches.

Here’s how...

  1. Open the Shortcuts section in Outlook:



2. Create a new link group and name it "DocuWare lists" (as an example).

Embed DocuWare lists in Outlook


3. Open the desired list in DocuWare. Move your mouse over the tab of the list so that the small link symbol appears. Drag it over to the new link group area in Outlook.

Embed DocuWare lists in Outlook


4. The list‘s URL is used as the link name. Feel free to give the shortcut a more descriptive name for additional clarity.



5. Repeat steps 3+4 for any other lists that you‘d like to integrate into Outlook.



Note on licenses:

With DocuWare as an on-premises system, you need a Task Manager license for lists. No additional license is required for the shown integration in Outlook, not even Connect to Outlook.

With DocuWare Cloud, all features are always included.


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