DocuWare Community Grows As Fortis Users Begin Migration

When DocuWare acquired Westbrook Technologies in 2013, Fortis and FortisBlue became part of the DocuWare product portfolio. The acquisition further substantiated DocuWare’s position as the leading global ECM vendor for small and mid-sized companies.

As part of the process of integrating the two products, joint development has been underway to incorporate the very best Fortis features into DocuWare’s technology platform. DocuWare has taken on a two-plus year development project to create an outstanding combined solution and a migration path from Fortis to DocuWare. We leveraged each product’s feature set along with DocuWare’s superior technology infrastructure, creating a truly future-proof solution.

DocuWare 6.9 is the first version of DocuWare intended for Fortis users. Fortis 6.9 and FortisBlue 6.9. include the DocuWare Migration Helper, a user-friendly utility that brings system settings, documents and metadata from Fortis to DocuWare. The click of a “Copy to DocuWare” button imports documents without alteration, preserving index data and annotations. Automating the mapping of documents and data from Fortis to create the components of an equivalent DocuWare system ensures that the upgrade will be smooth and take place without business interruption.

Creating system settings and copying documents to DocuWare

Additionally, if a Fortis user wants to try DocuWare using documents from their system, they can easily sign up for a DocuWare Cloud trial system and copy some of their documents into DocuWare to get a sense of how the software works.

Users can start a Cloud Trial directly from the DocuWare Migration Helper

Migrating Fortis customers will join a growing and vibrant DocuWare community. They will bring their perspective on Document Management best practices and contribute their ideas to the DocuWare Customer Support Forums. As the DocuWare customer base expands, every customer benefits from product improvements that are made in response to customer input.

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