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DocuWare Client: Find Documents in a Flash

DocuWare makes it easy to access your most frequently-used documents. No need to even enter search criteria. Just use your past searches and you can see all the documents in one view. Here are two savvy ways to approach this. Decide for yourself, what works best for you!

Access to Recent Searches
Want to quickly get the documents you recently retrieved from your file cabinet? Then simply re-open the search you conducted. DocuWare stores the last five searches automatically. Click on “Search” on the navigation bar and then on “Recent searches.” You’ll get an overview of your most recent searches; just open the one that contains the documents you’re looking for. You’ll immediately have them at your fingertips.














Recent searches are stored in Web Client


Saving Individual Searches
Save searches that you might need to repeat on a regular basis. It’s the quickest way to access the most current version of documents you are regularly looking up. The only thing needed is a Task Manager license.
For example: you always need to check information from a price list. To make sure that you are working with the most recent version, skip storing the document locally. Instead, just search for “price list“ and “valid.“ Searches can be saved according to your preferences in DocuWare as a link on your desktop or as a favorite in your browser. In either case, it only takes a quick click to access the most up-to-date valid price list in the system. No need to constantly re-enter the same search criteria.

It’s also practical to save searches for documents you need to edit, which can be quickly identified with certain index terms. It’s actually a handy way to generate a list of your tasks. So if you regularly need to access a document in order to update it, this feature can be very useful.

Here’s how:
Regardless of how you’d like to save a search, begin by conducting your search so that it generates the ideal result list.

1. Save search as a list in DocuWare: In DocuWare Client, go to the cog symbol to open the settings of a result list and choose the command "Save this search as list." Now you can enter a name for the search – that’s how it will appear in the lists.


Web Client: Store search in a list


2. Save search as a desktop link: Place your mouse over the arrow icon in the result list title tab. The mouse cursor will change and you can drag the icon onto the desktop.

3. Save search as favorite in browser: As with the previous option, you move the mouse onto the arrow icon and then drag it into the URL field of your browser. The results of the search are shown on the new tab. These may be stored – as with any website – as favorites in your browser.